Leopold J Cote: Rubbish container. Joseph H Killion, June 7, 1977: US04027774 (80 worldwide citation)

A container, such as a rubbish container, is adapted to secure a flexible plastic liner in an open position conforming to the shape of the container's interior. The securing of the flexible plastic liner is accomplished by the cooperation of the rim of the container about the periphery of which the ...

Gerald J LeBlanc, Edgar J LeBlanc: Intravenous pole holder. Joseph H Killion, February 26, 1980: US04190224 (48 worldwide citation)

We have discovered an improved I. V. pole holder which comprises a pair of substantially parallel first and second plate elements adapted to conform to a substrate, together with means to connect the first and second plate elements to move between an expandable open position whereby the substrate to ...

Joseph T Pappalardo: Injection pump calibration device. Joseph H Killion, August 25, 1992: US05140862 (32 worldwide citation)

An injection pump calibration device insertable in place of an actual syringe in an infusion syringe pump is described. The housing is shaped like a syringe body and configured to detachably mount in place of an actual syringe in an infusion syringe pump. A plunge is affixed to the housing and is mo ...

John P Hynes: Game ball. Joseph H Killion, November 24, 1992: US05165685 (31 worldwide citation)

A game ball, such as a basketball, which includes a pair of raised or indented substantially circular polar seams disposed around each pole of the game ball and a plurality of raised or indented substantially circular seams disposed about the equatorial circumference of the game ball and further bei ...

Herbert M Fazakerley: Painters fixture. Joseph H Killion, February 5, 1980: US04186903 (26 worldwide citation)

I have discovered a painter's fixture for a hollow ladder rung comprising a base member and insert section at one end of said base member movable between a first expandable open position and a second contractable closed position, compressing against the inner surface of said hollow ladder rung to re ...

Gerald F McCarthy, James A DiBiasi: Automated goalie. Joseph H Killion, September 18, 1979: US04168062 (22 worldwide citation)

An Automated Goalie is disclosed which includes a frame and a goalie body fixedly mounted to the frame. A pair of arms each of which are pivotedly connected to the goalie body and are moveable between a substantially vertical lower position adjacent the goalie body and an upper position outwardly ex ...

Salvatore D Serio: Collapsible crustacean trap. Joseph H Killion, September 12, 1989: US04864770 (17 worldwide citation)

An improved Collapsible Crustacean Trap is described which includes substantially rectangular top and bottom panels which are hinged to side panels. Each of the side panels is hinged in the middle so that it can move between a substantially vertical and a substantially horizontal position. Releasabl ...

Steven Allen Rubin: Wire brush holder coupled to can. Universal Products, Joseph H Killion, May 24, 1977: US04025206 (15 worldwide citation)

A brush caddy made up of four pieces of wire welded together. The longest piece termed a "spine" has a hook at the top from which a paint brush may be hung. Centrally a cross piece is welded to the spine to form a pair of arms ending in claws which grip the rim of a paint can. The spine is tilted aw ...

Joseph Robert Camelio: Ski carrying device and method. Joseph H Killion, August 23, 1977: US04043493 (10 worldwide citation)

An improved Ski-carrying device is described which comprises a pair of substantially parallel first and second plate elements, each element having an inward lateral extension at the one end, each extension adapted to support the side of a ski placed thereon. There are means to connect the first and ...

Herbert F Hunter: Method for preparing an alcohol modified vegetable oil diesel fuel. Joseph H Killion, January 10, 1995: US05380343 (9 worldwide citation)

Improved microemulsion fuels are prepared from about 70-99% alcohol-fatty acid esters, about 1-30% alcohol and less than 1% alkali metal soap.