Peter Zadok, Mordechai Anati: Interlocking panels having flats for increased versatility. Elite Panel Products, Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, Louise A Foutch, April 2, 1996: US05502939 (304 worldwide citation)

Modular panels having foam cores covered by metal skins are interlocked to one another by complementally formed bends in the metal skins. A flat is formed in one of the metal skins to introduce flexibility and play into the interlocking mechanism, and both interlocking skins have a transversely exte ...

Christopher P Travis, Richard C Travis: Video lottery gaming device. Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, January 10, 1995: US05380007 (213 worldwide citation)

A video game apparatus includes simulated cylindrical housings that are filled with simulated numbered balls that are apparently mixed by a simulated upflowing stream of air through the cylinders. After the passage of a predetermined amount of time, the mixing stops and a simulated ball having a sim ...

Alfred O Bonati, Philip J Ware: Cervical discectomy instruments. B E I Medical, Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, December 5, 1995: US05472426 (206 worldwide citation)

Arthroscopic cervical discectomy instruments include a push knob for a guide wire, a pair of telescopically mounted dilator tubes, one of which includes a water port so that the tube provides the additional function of an irrigation tube, a ligament cutter, a continuous suction punch, a cervical ost ...

Jan Ove Persson, Lars Lejdeborn, Olle Berg: Method for draining antrum. ATOS Medical, Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, August 30, 1994: US05342296 (114 worldwide citation)

A method for inserting a drain catheter into an antrum includes the steps of securing a needle holder to the trailing end of a needle, positioning a hammer in predetermined spaced relation to the trailing end of the needle holder, loading a bias member so that it urges the hammer to strike the needl ...

Mark Hagopian: Low air loss patient support system providing active feedback pressure sensing and correction capabilities for use as a bed mattress and a wheelchair seating system. Joseph C Mason Jr, Dennis G LaPointe, October 12, 1999: US05963997 (84 worldwide citation)

A low air loss therapeutic air support system which simultaneously prevents the development of pressure sores and skin maceration due to the build up of heat and moisture at points of interface between the device and the patient and has an active feedback system which provides for real time adjustme ...

Aldo A Laghi: Silicone heart spoon. Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, June 2, 1992: US05117822 (79 worldwide citation)

A tool that lowers the temperature of the heart during surgery or other times when blood flow to the heart is cut off. The tool has the appearance of a spoon and includes an elongate handle part and a heart-cradling part at the end of the handle. A first passageway formed in the handle delivers a co ...

Glenn H Mackal: Luer valve adapter with expandable end. Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, February 8, 1994: US05284475 (79 worldwide citation)

A tubular adapter and check valve for Luer fittings. The end of the adapter that receives the Luer fitting is expandable radially outwardly in a substantially uniform manner so that Luer fittings of all sizes are snugly received by the adapter. Deep longitudinally extending grooves are formed in the ...

John L Hendrix: Palladium (II) octaethylporphine alpha-isothiocyanate as a phosphorescent label for immunoassays. Henwell, Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, Louise A Foutch, November 7, 1995: US05464741 (78 worldwide citation)

A phosphorescence assay system. The phosphorescent label for immunoassays is palladium (II) octaethylporphine alphaisothiocyanate. The labeling agent has a Stokes shift of not less than 150 nanometers. Method for preparing the palladium (II) phosphorescent label is also shown.

Motoyuki Sato, Hiroaki Niitsuma, Jun Fuziwara, Makoto Miyairi: Apparatus and method for determining parameters of formations surrounding a borehole in a preselected direction. Sekiyushigen Kaihatsu Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan Represented By President of Tohoku University, Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, April 16, 1996: US05508616 (78 worldwide citation)

At least one transmitting coil 1 and at least one receiving coil 2 are disposed along the bore axis 18 of a borehole 7 such that these coils are inclined and face each other, thus causing these coils to have directivity for examining electric characteristics of a formation around the borehole. More ...

William G Blackburn: Battery powered portable cigarette lighter having a press-fitted ceramic heat concentrating and protective resistance heating filament support. Electra Lite, Joseph C Mason Jr, Ronald E Smith, December 28, 1993: US05274214 (64 worldwide citation)

A flameless battery powered electric cigarette lighter has a resistance heating filament positioned within a lighter housing in spaced juxtaposition to an opening in the housing for admitting the leading end of a cigarette so that it may contact the heating filament and be ignited. A cylindrical cer ...