Robert S Behl: Electronic medication dispensing system. Sybron Corporation, Robert A Gerlach, Joseph C MacKenzie, September 25, 1984: US04473884 (211 worldwide citation)

A portable medication dispensing unit has several compartments for storing pills or other forms of medicine. The dispensing unit is programmed with a medication schedule which causes visual and audio signals when it is time for the medication to be consumed. The medication schedule is optimized to a ...

James P Kennedy: Multivariable control system for regulating process conditions and process optimizing. Theodore B Roessel, Joseph C MacKenzie, October 14, 1980: US04228509 (25 worldwide citation)

A system for regulating and optimizing process conditions, such as octane number, aniline point or density of reformed hydrocarbons, by manipulating various process variables in order to control the process, both in accordance with a regulatory effect, namely, such as to cause the process to achieve ...

Michael G Baliva: Concrete manhole. Joseph C MacKenzie, June 3, 1986: US04592674 (22 worldwide citation)

A manhole barrel is cast with an annular gasket in place in the barrel form. The form has a frusto-conical pallet section grooved for receiving the gasket. Anchors protruding from the gasket become embedded in concrete when the latter is introduced into the form.

Eugene Vidmantas: Electromagnetic flowmeter having internal field coils. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, Joseph C MacKenzie, September 21, 1976: US03981190 (19 worldwide citation)

An electromagnetic flowmeter having its field coils inside a flow tube through which conductive fluid passes. The tube has a lining of material which is appropriate to the nature of the fluid. The coils are contained within boxes which are fixed to the inner wall of the flow tube, and embedded in or ...

William J Walsh: Dry bath temperature control. Sybron Corporation, Robert A Gerlach, Joseph C MacKenzie, March 12, 1985: US04504733 (14 worldwide citation)

An electrically-heated dry bath wherein a metal block having receptacles for receiving test tubes or the like has resistor heaters fixed thereto and a thermistor temperature sensor therein. A control circuit is provided which connects and disconnects electrical current to and from said heaters in re ...

Clarence F Aldridge, Donald H Peeler: Fluid pressure measuring or testing system and bleed regulation thereof according to schedule. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, Joseph C MacKenzie, March 27, 1979: US04146018 (13 worldwide citation)

A sphygmomanometer system having a cuff, etc, and including both a regulator valve which normally bleeds the cuff pressure down at a substantially constant slow rate, and an exhaust valve which is operable to provide three rates of bleed, to wit nil, fast (as compared to the regulator valve bleed ra ...

Raymond E Owen, William B Brosius Jr: Integral flow metering assembly using a segmental wedge. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, Joseph C MacKenzie, December 9, 1980: US04237739 (12 worldwide citation)

A flow metering assembly has a one-piece rigid body having a cylindrical bore with a segmental wedge therein, and a differential pressure transmitter, or the like, clamped thereto to receive the pressures developed on either side of the wedge in response to flow. The bore and wedge have a sliding fi ...

Peter Marvin Tolliver: IR generator having ellipsoidal and paraboloidal reflectors. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, Joseph C MacKenzie, May 25, 1976: US03959660 (11 worldwide citation)

An infrared generator wherein an ellipsoidal reflector has a source rich in infrared radiation at one focus thereof. The end of the reflector at the other focus merges with a paraboloidal reflector positioned so that the focus of the latter reflector coincides with the said other focus of the former ...

Norman R Westfall: Fluid resistor. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, Joseph C MacKenzie, June 30, 1981: US04275767 (10 worldwide citation)

A fluid resistor with a fluid tight structure including two planar members having a surface of each contacting in close proximity. One of the planar members has a laminated structure including a substrate and at least one thin layer of substantially uniform thickness formed on the substrate. A groov ...

Clarence Foster Aldridge, Leo Martin Storey Jr, Joseph William Cilurzo: Blood pressure testing kit. Sybron Corporation, Theodore B Roessel, Joseph C MacKenzie, August 22, 1978: US04108310 (9 worldwide citation)

A blood pressure testing kit having the usual elements, namely, pressure gauge, humeral cuff, pump, bleed valve, and appropriate interconnections, and a stethoscope, is provided with a case which is in two parts hinged together but made of one integral piece of "living hinge" plastic material. One p ...