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A method for fabricating features on a substrate having reduced dimensions. The features are formed by defining a first mask on regions of the substrate. The first mask is defined using lithographic techniques. A second mask is then conformably formed on one or more sidewalls of the first mask. The ...

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The present invention provides a novel etching technique for etching a layer of C-doped silicon oxide, such as a partially oxidized organo silane material. This technique, employing CH

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A method and apparatus for dicing a semiconductor wafer using a plasma etch process. The method begins by applying a patterned mask to the integrated circuits on a wafer. The pattern covers the circuits and exposes the streets between the dice. Next, the method deposits a uniform layer of adhesive m ...



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A method for etching a dielectric in a thermally controlled plasma etch chamber with an expanded processing window. The method is adapted to incorporate benefits of a the thermal control and high evacuation capability of the chamber. Etchent gases include hydrocarbons, oxygen and inert gas. Explanat ...

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A feed assembly for a parabolic dish reflector is described. The feed assembly includes a waveguide cavity locatable at the focal point, or any other desired off-boresight location corresponding point, of the parabolic dish, at least one first radiating element optimized for operation at a first fre ...

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An oxide etching process, particularly useful for selectively etching oxide over a feature having a non-oxide composition, such as silicon nitride and especially when that feature has a corner that is prone to faceting during the oxide etch. One aspect of the invention uses one of four hydrogen-free ...