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The present invention comprises a method and apparatus for simultaneously drilling and casing a wellbore. More specifically, the apparatus comprises an outer conduit string containing an inner drill string carrying a bit capable of drilling a wellbore of greater diameter than the outer string. The d ...

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A rotary drill bit is provided for boring earth formations which includes a bit blank and a metal matrix secured to the blank. The metal matrix includes a filler material dispersed therein. Cutting elements are mounted on the exterior face of the bit, and substantially all of the exposed internal an ...

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Drill bits may include cutting members which have cutting faces formed of segments of differing cutting materials. The faces of the cutting members may include two or more segments, with the segments formed from at least two different materials. For example, a first segment could be formed of a poly ...

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An improved diamond drill bit is provided which has a diamond film cutting surface. The drill bit comprises a body member and a plurality of cutting members, each including a diamond cutting face formed from a diamond substrate coated with a diamond film.

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An apparatus for converting pressure into motion includes a housing having a plurality of ports formed therein. Movably disposed within the housing is a piston having a first plurality of apertures communicating with a first chamber and a second plurality of apertures communicating with a second cha ...

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An improved retrievable compression set straddle packer assembly for use in oil and gas wells. The straddle packer assembly comprises an hydraulic slip assembly, an injection mandrel assembly, a packer assembly, a mechanical slip assembly, a drag block assembly, and a bypass assembly.

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A transportable frame includes a plurality of liquid material storage tanks and dry material storage bins mounted thereon. There are smaller liquid material storage tanks and larger liquid material storage tanks. The metering system for the larger liquid material storage tanks has a flow rate range ...

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A differential fill valve assembly for application in float collars or shoes in well casing. The valve assembly comprises a back pressure flapper valve disposed within a substantially tubular upper housing, and a lower housing containing an activating sleeve slidably disposed therein above a double ...

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The present invention comprises an improved remote cement plug launching system including guide tube means associated with the cementing plugs, which guide tube means are adapted to guide plug release darts to seats in said plugs.

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An apparatus for controlling the metering of additives which are to be blended with a primary substance includes an element which determines how much additive is being discharged from an additive storage container. This element includes a weight detecting device which detects a first portion of the ...