Keith R Fritze: Reed-Solomon error correction apparatus. Optical Storage International, Edward P Heller III, Joseph A Genovese, April 22, 1986: US04584686 (115 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a Reed-Solomon error correction apparatus which is programmable to perform several distinct error correction functions. The apparatus performs the following functions: encoding, error detection, syndrome generation, burst error trapping, and Chien searching.

Nicholas P Van Brunt: Simulator system for logic design validation. Control Data Corporation, William J McGinnis, Joseph A Genovese, July 2, 1985: US04527249 (101 worldwide citation)

A hardware network or system is disclosed for testing LSI and VLSI logic device design and system design by simulation utilizing individual gate functions. The simulator system uses switching logic, random access memory, and a state table device to simulate particular test routines to test device de ...

William C Berg: Board to board interconnect structure. Control Data Corporation, Edmund J Wasp, Joseph A Genovese, November 13, 1984: US04482937 (89 worldwide citation)

A board to board interconnect assembly is installed between a first multilayer circuit board and a second multilayer circuit board. The assembly is comprised of a first housing member carrying electrical contacts and a second housing member carrying electrical contacts which mateably engage with the ...

Louis G Gitzendanner: Apparatus for controlling humidity in a disk drive. Magnetic Peripherals, Joseph A Genovese, Robert M Angus, October 28, 1986: US04620248 (81 worldwide citation)

A disk drive is provided with a vent tube which is long (i.e., 20 inches) compared to its bore (i.e., 0.013 inch) to minimize diffusion of water vapor into the drive without seriously affecting pressure gradients along the length. Minimum bore diameters are given for specified lengths of vent tube. ...

Robert F Vangen: Time synchronization master station and remote station system. Control Data Corporation, William J McGinnis Jr, Joseph A Genovese, June 29, 1982: US04337463 (76 worldwide citation)

A time synchronization system involves a master station sending time information to a remote station and in which a portion of the time message is used as a trigger to start a counter or interval clock in the remote station. When the time message is concluded, the remote station adds the time in the ...

Richard A Strom: Side-vented magnetic head air bearing slider. Magnetic Peripherals, Joseph A Genovese, Edward P Heller, January 31, 1989: US04802042 (66 worldwide citation)

A self-loading negative pressure air bearing slider is formed having side vents. The side vents allow for repeatable manufacturing of the basic slider in fewer steps while retaining the desirable features of high stiffness and substantially constant flying height found in negative pressure air beari ...

Robert A Bremmer, Vladimir Kovner, Dennis C Stone: Method and apparatus for recording data. Magnetic Peripherals, Joseph A Genovese, Robert M Angus, Richard E Billion, January 17, 1989: US04799112 (62 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for increasing the amount of data capable of being stored in a magnetic storage device is disclosed. Basically, a magnetic characteristic of the disk to head interface is measured at several locations on the disk. The frequency for writing and reading the data is optimized in ...

Edward L Schwarz, Beat G Keel: Static charge protection for magnetic thin film data transducers. Magnetic Peripherals, Edward L Schwarz, Joseph A Genovese, January 24, 1989: US04800454 (59 worldwide citation)

A thin film magnetic data transducer carried on the end of a conductive flyer has its magnetic pole electrically connected to the flyer to prevent electrostatic discharges between the flyer and the pole tip from eroding the pole tip. The winding of the transducer is also electrically connected to th ...

David Kroft: Cache memory organization utilizing miss information holding registers to prevent lockup from cache misses. Control Data Corporation, William J McGinnis Jr, Joseph A Genovese, January 25, 1983: US04370710 (55 worldwide citation)

A cache memory organization is shown using a miss information collection and manipulation system to insure the transparency of cache misses. This system makes use of the fact that the cache memory has a faster rate of operation than the rate of operation of central memory. The cache memory consists ...

William J Rank, Michael J Whalen: Apparatus for mounting circuit cards. Control Data Corporation, Frederick W Niebuhr, Joseph A Genovese, March 2, 1982: US04318157 (53 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is disclosed for removably mounting a printed circuit card to a chassis adapted to support an array of circuit cards. Two jackscrews are rotatably mounted to each circuit card by a bracket at each end of a row of electrical pin contacts. Mounted to the chassis at each end of a row of femal ...