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An enzyme electrode comprising an anode, a cathode, an immobilized enzyme membrane, and an electrolyte, which is characterized in that said membrane consists of a dense skin layer having selective hydrogen peroxide permeability and a porous layer wherein the enzyme is immobilized onto the porous lay ...

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Two network communication protocols, one for routing and one for mobility management, are presented that are particularly suited for use with ad-hoc networks. The routing protocol is a proactive-reactive hybrid routing protocol that limits the scope of the proactive procedure to the node's loca ...

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A system and method for accessing Internet-based and other information through a user television in a television distribution network enables a user to access and view information which is related to the programming content of a currently viewed television broadcast. This concept, known as channel h ...

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Methods of fabricating electrical contacts on both sides of a thin membrane to form a millimeter wave, self-aligned, opposed gate-source transistor are disclosed. The transistor structure has a subhalf-micron gate, dual-drains placed symmetrically around both sides of the gate, and a source approxim ...

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A ventral intervertebral implant is used between two vertebral bodies of a spinal column. The implant has an upper and a lower contact surface and at least one anchor pin projecting beyond at least one of the contact surfaces. An instrument is provided for engagement with the implant and which exten ...

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A small self-contained sensor and transmitter assembly including a sensor for detecting physiological and bio-medical phenomena and a transmitter for transferring such data to a receiver for display and other use is disclosed. In one embodiment, the sensor is adapted to be secured within the axilla ...

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The present invention relates to an adjustable-height intravertebral implant, having an approximately cylindrical hollow body which has one or more openings (

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This invention is drawn to a bovine vaginal probe capable of measuring electrical resistance in a bovine vaginal tract with sufficient accuracy to allow detection of changes in electrical resistance indicative of estrus.

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The present invention relates to an intervertebral implant for insertion between two vertebral bodies of a spinal column, comprising a body containing two contact faces, whereby the body is designed as a hollow body, and the hollow body is formed by a side wall which has a convexly curved longitudin ...