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A ventral intervertebral implant is used between two vertebral bodies of a spinal column. The implant has an upper and a lower contact surface and at least one anchor pin projecting beyond at least one of the contact surfaces. An instrument is provided for engagement with the implant and which exten ...

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The present invention relates to an adjustable-height intravertebral implant, having an approximately cylindrical hollow body which has one or more openings (

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The present invention relates to an intervertebral implant for insertion between two vertebral bodies of a spinal column, comprising a body containing two contact faces, whereby the body is designed as a hollow body, and the hollow body is formed by a side wall which has a convexly curved longitudin ...

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A method for determining the distance and direction from a first borehole to a second borehole includes generating, by way of a rotating magnetic field source at a first location in a second borehole, and elliptically polarized magnetic field in the region of the first borehole. First and second sen ...

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An osteosynthesis device having a bone screw, particularly a pedicle screw, a fork head that has a groove and a corrective pin seated in the groove of the fork head. A corrective pin is secured against twisting in that the bottom of the groove of the fork head is provided with a plurality of longitu ...

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A micromechanical capacitive accelerometer is provided from a single silicon wafer. The basic structure of the micromechanical accelerometer is etched in the wafer to form a released portion in the substrate, and the released and remaining portions of the substrate are coated with metal under condit ...

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In an orthopedic surgical holding device for a correcting rod, having a bone plate which can be fastened on the bone, a receiver device for the correcting rod and a fixing device maintaining the correcting rod in the receiver device. An optimal transfer of the occurring forces and moments is achieve ...

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A permanent expandable intraluminal tubular stent supporting device intended to maintain the walls of anatomical body channels or vessels, the steno being expandable within the vessel by an angioplasty balloon associated with a catheter thereby dilating and expanding the lumen of a vessel. The stent ...

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A system and method for spatially and temporally synchronizing satellite (space based) and terrestrial (ground based) communications services using time division multiple access between the two types of service providers is given. Satellite and terrestrial communication services are assigned geograp ...

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In a bone surgery holding device for a fixing rod, with a bone plate, which can be fastened to the bone, a receiving device, and a fixing device, which secures the fixing rod in the receiving device, the bone plate has a contact face essentially made to fit the surface of the bone and the fixing rod ...