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An expandable tip cannula system, comprising: a hollow cannula shaft having a proximal end and a distal end; and an expandable tip mounted at the distal end of the hollow cannula shaft, the expandable tip comprising a plurality of generally-triangular shaped petals held together in a radially-inward ...

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An implant installation device is provided for delivering an implant to a target implantation site including a handle with a first and second arms extending distally therefrom. A translation member extends through the handle such that a distal portion lies between the first arm and second arm while ...

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The present invention relates generally to medical devices and methods for use in spinal surgery. In particular, the disclosed system relates to an intervertebral spinal implant assembly sized and dimensioned for the lumbar spine implantable via an anterior or anterolateral approach. The device incl ...

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A surgical fixation system having an improved mechanism to prevent the back out of screws employed in securing a surgical fixation plate to an intended orthopedic location.

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Methods for determining structural integrity of a bone within the spine of a patient, the bone having a first aspect and a second aspect, wherein the second aspect separated from the first aspect by a width and located adjacent to a spinal nerve. The methods involve (a) applying an electrical stimul ...