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A control system and method for simultaneously regulating the operation of a plurality of different types of switching power converters. The system utilizes in regulating the power converters sampled data and nonlinear feedback control loops.

Farrokh Mohamadi: Phase management for beam-forming applications. Jonathan Hallman, MacPherson Kwok Chen & Heid, January 3, 2006: US06982670 (20 worldwide citation)

A beam-forming antenna system includes an array of integrated antenna circuits. Each integrated antenna circuit includes an oscillator coupled to an antenna. A network couples to the integrated antenna units to provide phasing information to the oscillators. A controller controls the phasing informa ...

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A digital servo system with a biased feed-forward control is disclosed. The biased feed-forward control determines the low frequency component of a control signal from the digital servo system. The low frequency component can then be added to a future control signal to form an adjusted control signa ...

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Micro lenses are fabricated using processes which operate on multiple lenses at a time. In one embodiment, wafer-scale processing includes employing photolithography for defining gray-scale masks which permit relatively smooth or continuous curvatures of lens surfaces to be formed by, e.g., reactive ...

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A phase detector and control signal generator responds to a reference signal and a feedback signal to produce a non-delayed up and down signal. A programmable delay unit delays the non-delayed up and down signal to provide up and down signals for a charge pump. A divider configured to respond to the ...

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During manufacturing of optical disks, mastering equipment inserts marks (“high frequency wobble marks” or “HFWMs”) into the wobble of the groove on optical disks to store data. The presence of a HFWM at a zero crossing of the wobble indicates an active bit and the absence of the HFWM indicates an i ...

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A system with a plurality of servo algorithms executing on a digital signal processor is presented. The digital signal processor receives a sensor interrupt, indicating availability of digitized data from optical sensors, and decides which of a plurality of servo algorithms to service in response to ...

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A programmable logic device configurable to implement a finite state machine includes a hardwired microsequencer for executing microinstructions to sequence the finite state machine. The hardwired microsequencer includes a sequence memory for storing the microinstructions and a program counter.

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A method and apparatus is provided to power-up a device having both digital and analog circuitry. The analog circuitry requires a stabilization period before proper operation. During power-up, the digital circuitry is held in reset by a power-on reset circuit. The power-on reset circuit releases the ...

Lihu M Chiu: RFID verifier. Jonathan Hallman, MacPHERSON KWOK CHEN & HEID, January 18, 2007: US20070013522-A1

An RFID verifier is configured to vary a slope for a ramp-modulated interrogating signal to determine the slope at which an interrogated RFID tag no longer responds to the interrogating signal. In this fashion, the RFID verifier may obtain a measure of quality for the interrogated RFID tag with resp ...