Allen E Armstrong: Bicycle shift mechanism. Johnson Dienner Emrich & Wagner, August 3, 1976: US03972247 (42 worldwide citation)

A control mechanism adapted for incrementally and positively controlling the displacement of a biassed member or the like associated with a bicycle gear-change transmission between a plurality of predetermined positions for effectuating changes in gear ratios of such transmission in response to unid ...

Cyril P Frommelt, Sylvan J Frommelt: Loading dock seal. Dubuque Awning & Tent Company, Johnson Dienner Emrich & Wagner, February 24, 1976: US03939614 (42 worldwide citation)

A loading dock seal embodying an inflatable member disposed in overlying relation to a resilient, compressible pad member.

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A digital switching arrangement having equipment interconnected to provide multiple fault tolerances in the digital switching of PCM (Pulse Code Modulated) data over time division multiplex lines. The digital switching arrangement includes a set of peripheral units interconnected via a switching net ...

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A capacitor header and method of constructing and assembling same so as to close off an open end section of an electrolytic capacitor casing. The header has two generally flat discs in spaced relationship, wherein each of the discs has at least one apertured protrusion that defines a swaged lead hol ...

Steven G Kramer: Surgical trays. Johnson Dienner Emrich & Wagner, September 6, 1977: US04046254 (34 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument tray which may be used for protectively holding surgical instruments during sterilization and storing thereof as well as for so holding the instruments for ready accessibility thereto during an operation, the tray embodying a plurality of compartments which may be programmed as ...

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A phase lock loop having a crystal voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) which includes a drift compensation mechanism incorporated in the feedback portion of the loop in order to track the difference between a reference input signal and the VCO center frequency which normally tends to drift with age. ...

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A communication system wherein data at a plurality of different zones is transmitted to a control panel at a central location over a common communication line including an address pulse generator at the central location which transmits a programmed number of address pulses over the communication lin ...

Boettcher Stephen A: Apparatus for machining work pieces. Speedfam Corporation, Johnson Dienner Emrich & Wagner, October 21, 1975: US3913271 (31 worldwide citation)

The apparatus defines at least two work stations, at one of which is disposed an abrading machine having an operating surface, and above which carrier means is movable. Power actuated means on the carrier means selectively serves to raise and lower at least one work piece, to transfer the work piece ...

Matthews Russell B: Electronic pilot ignition and flame detection circuit. Johnson Service Company, Johnson Dienner Emrich & Wagner, September 2, 1975: US3902839 (31 worldwide citation)

An electronic pilot ignition and flame detection circuit for use in a fuel ignition system including a spark ignition circuit operable when energized to generate sparks for igniting gas emanating from a pilot source, a switching circuit including a normally de-energized relay and a normally non-cond ...

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A system for providing remote readout of a plurality of groups of data indicating devices including a control unit for each group of data indicating devices for receiving interrogate data signals transmitted over a communication line or RF signal link from an interrogate unit at a central location t ...