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The present invention comprises a material and a method of its preparation. The material may be described as hydrophilic microparticles, comprising a cluster of organic substance with a layer of polyelectrolyte on its surface. The present invention establishes an improved method for preparing aqueou ...

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The enumeration of cells in fluids by flow cytometry is widely used across many disciplines such as assessment of leukocyte subsets in different bodily fluids or of bacterial contamination in environmental samples, food products and bodily fluids. For many applications the cost, size and complexity ...

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A liposome composition containing encapsulated compound in stable precipitated form, and a method for producing the composition, are disclosed. The concentration of precipitated compound within the liposomes is severalfold higher than that in the bulk medium, and the concentration of compound within ...

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The present invention provides, inter alia, formulations useful to ameliorate symptoms associated with mucosal abrasions, specifically those due to dental orthodontic brackets; oral surgery; periodontal surgery or other procedures. For instance, there is a formulation comprising: 65 to 75% microcrys ...

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Cells derived from postpartum tissue and methods for their use in treatment of diseases of the heart or circulatory system are disclosed. Cells may be used in either differentiated or undifferentiated forms, in homogenous cultures, or as populations with other cells, and in conjunction with other bi ...

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Cells derived from postpartum umbilicus and placenta are disclosed. Pharmaceutical compositions, devices and methods for the regeneration or repair of neural tissue using the postpartum-derived cells are also disclosed.

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Cells derived from human umbilical cords are disclosed along with methods for their therapeutic use. Isolation techniques, culture methods and detailed characterization of the cells with respect to their cell surface markers, gene expression, and their secretion of trophic factors are described.

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Substituted fused bicyclic pyrimidine compounds having an amide-substituted pyridylamine group at C-4 of the pyrimidine ring are useful in the treatment of conditions associated with HCV.

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The present invention relates generally to a non-toxic lipid conjugated with a cationic amino acid containing a guanidino group. Specifically, the naturally-occuring lipid DOPE is combined with the naturally-occurring amino acid Arginine. These compounds are useful for encapsulating and delivering p ...

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A novel high tensile strength semi-absorbable composite suture with minimized non-absorbable mass. The suture has a core made from a bioabsorbable polymer. The core is covered by a braided sheath. The braided sheath is made from an absorbable yarn and a bioabsorbable yarn. The bioabsorbable yarn is ...