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A method of identifying pixels of a given color in a field of YUV video manipulates color difference signals (R-Y, B-Y) corresponding to defining axes (U,V) of a color space to maximize the video signal in a region of interest of the space, and minimize the signal in all other regions. Additionally, ...

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A baler having a baler frame, a main drive assembly that includes a starter roll drive shaft mounted to rotate on the baler frame, and a pick-up assembly connected to the baler frame is disclosed. The pick-up assembly has a reverse control apparatus for reversing the direction of rotation of a conve ...

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A method of controlling the combination of a baler and a tractor includes the steps of advancing the baler combination through a swath or windrow of biological crop matter with the tractor PTO operating at a generally constant speed to power the baler and the baler operating to take up biological ma ...

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A suspension system supports an implement on a work vehicle and includes a linkage mechanism providing pivotal connection between the work vehicle and the implement and adapted to pivot in such manner as to permit relative upward and downward movement between the vehicle and the implement while main ...

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An agricultural utility vehicle includes a computer to execute the steps of storing data representing steering direction, position and speed of the agricultural vehicle; recognizing repeated drive events wherein each drive event comprises a plurality of serially performed functions including changin ...

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A pickup for an agricultural implement, the pickup including dual floating windguards that pivot and float causing the tines to maintain contact with the crop at all times as it moves over the pickup and across the stuffer.

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A ground opener unit for a seeding or planting unit includes an arm attachable to an implement frame and a disc rotatably mounted to the arm for forming a furrow in the ground. A scraper assembly includes a scraper plate defining a scraper edge for contacting and scraping a surface of the disc. The ...

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A communications system for a work vehicle is shown for managing communications between control units which control various functions of the vehicle. The system includes a data bus supported by the vehicle for communicating messages between control units on the bus. Each control unit has a processor ...

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A lever-operated PTO shaft connection mechanism for use with a three-point hitch quick coupler that aligns and engages the PTO driveline between a tractor and a powered implement.