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An operator interface for a video editing system provides a visual sense of the content of video sequences, as well as their length, while also providing enhanced interactive control of locations and time alignments of the video. As the video sequence is processed into the system, a small but repres ...

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Time warping for video viewing is achieved by providing a random access dynamic buffer for a video signal from a selected video channel. The video signal is continuously written into the dynamic buffer in a recirculating fashion, and may be read out on a random access basis so that the viewer may co ...

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A thermometer is disclosed that utilizes a thermistor as a temperature sensor, to control the period and duty cycle of a multivibrator circuit. A second circuit, controlled by a microcontroller, measures both the charge and discharge times of the oscillation. From the ratio of these parameters, a pr ...

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A video effects system comprises a graphics generator for generating a three-dimensional image in simulated real time, a digital video effects device for generating a second image and transforming the second image in real time, and a depth combiner for combining the three-dimensional image with the ...

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An integrated circuit probe station comprises a table having a substantially planar upper surface, an IC probe positioned over the table in spaced relationship with the upper surface of the table, a chuck carrier, and a chuck. The chuck carrier has a substantially planar lower surface that is positi ...

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An optical time domain reflectometer including a light source and a light detector is calibrated using an optical directional coupler having a first port connected to the reflectometer and second and third ports connected to two opposite ends of an optical transmission member. Light pulses from the ...

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A wafer probe comprises a support member having an end region which is shaped to permit the end region to be brought into close proximity with a component under test. An amplifier is mounted on the support member at its end region. A conductive probe element is attached to the amplifier and is elect ...

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A skin patch includes first and second layers of material and a telesensor sandwiched between the first and second layers. The first layer has a coating of skin-compatible adhesive material on its face that is remote from the second layer.

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A video image bank system for preparing an edit tape and associated edit list from a library of stock video image sequences uses a set of video disks with an associated library index. A microprocessor or personal computer is loaded with the library index, and an operator selects an initial set of im ...

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A pressure interconnect package for connecting an integrated circuit chip to an etched circuit board comprising a pressurized stack of circuit elements in which a flexible interconnecting circuit is disposed between the IC chip and the etched circuit board to cause them to make electrical contact up ...