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Herein is described a method of completing an interval of a cased well drilled through incompetent formation. This method includes a combination of three successive operations: zero-degree phasing perforation of a relatively small portion of the interval to be completed, consolidation of the formati ...

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A well completion apparatus disposed in a wellbore having first and second tubings and a tool disposed in the second tubing. An inductive coupler has a male coil located in the first tubing and is configured to receive an input signal. A female coil in the inductive coupler is attached to the first ...

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A well treatment fluid composition that comprises a carrier fluid and an amphoteric surfactant, and optionally a viscosifying agent and proppant, is well suited for use in fracturing coal beds to stimulate methane production. The composition preferably is a foam that comprises a gas such as nitrogen ...

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The present invention provides cementing compositions for oil wells or the like comprising an hydraulic binder and reinforcing particles constituted by a flexible material of low compressibility, and with an average grain size of less than 500 &mgr;m.

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The improved recovery of hydrocarbons from subterranean formations by hydraulically fracturing a subterranean formation is accomplished. Fracturing fluids using a viscosifying surfactant fluid containing viscosifying micelles, for example, wormlike micelles, are useful to improve recovery of hydroca ...

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A sample module for use in a downhole tool includes a sample chamber for receiving and storing pressurized fluid. A piston is slidably disposed in the chamber to define a sample cavity and a buffer cavity, and the cavities have variable volumes determined by movement of the piston. A first flowline ...

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The compressibility of a formation hydrocarbon sample is determined downhole by using a borehole tool to obtain the sample downhole, and, at two different pressures, subjecting the sample to near infrared illumination and conducting spectral absorption measurement of peaks at and/or around about 6,0 ...

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A sample module is provided for use in a downhole tool to obtain fluid from a subsurface formation penetrated by a wellbore. The sample module includes a sample chamber carried by the module for collecting a sample of formation fluid obtained from the formation via the downhole tool, and a validatio ...

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The present invention relates to a well-bore sensor apparatus and method. The apparatus includes a downhole tool carrying at least one sensor plug for deployment into the sidewall of a well-bore. The apparatus may also be used in conjunction with a surface control unit and a communication link for o ...

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A flow meter for multiphase flows, includes a holdup measuring device having a Venturi located upstream thereof and separated therefrom by a distance that results in flow through the holdup measuring device being at least partially homogenized by the effect of the Venturi on the fluids flowing there ...