Charles E Romano, Douglas E Bugner, Wayne T Ferrar: Microporous ink-jet recording elements. Eastman Kodak Company, John R Everett, February 25, 1997: US05605750 (79 worldwide citation)

An opaque image-recording element for an ink-jet printer which comprises an opaque substrate having on at least one surface thereof a lower layer of a solvent-absorbing microporous material which comprises:

David Pregozen: Nonwoven wipe impregnating composition. Sterling Drug, John R Everett, August 25, 1992: US05141803 (74 worldwide citation)

An aqueous composition for impregnating a nonwoven wipe having a pH of from 3.5 to 4.5 and containing a preservative system comprising potassium sorbate, citric acid, disodium EDTA and a cationic biocide selected from polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride and poly[oxyethylene(dimethyliminio)ethy ...


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Color filter arrays for color imaging devices are disclosed. The arrays are formed in a single layer of a transparent binder containing at least one cationic photo-bleachable dye. The layer has a thickness less than 10 microns, and the dye is present in the layer in an amount sufficient to impart a ...

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A specific binding immunoassay method for reducing the "hook" effect for the measurement of C-Reactive Protein has been discovered for both solution and dry analytical elements comprising contacting a liquid sample containing C-reactive protein in the presence of calcium ions with (a) a first antibo ...


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Latex compositions comprising core-shell polymer particles are disclosed. The core has a glass transition temperature greater than 70.degree. C. The shell has a glass transition temperature of from about 25.degree. to 60.degree. C. The compositions form coalesced coatings that are resistant to ferro ...

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There are described stable fluorescent labels comprising a complex of Eu.sup.+3 and a chelating agent comprising a nucleus which is a triplet sensitizer having a triplet energy greater than that of Eu.sup.+3 and at least two heteroatom-containing groups which form coordinate complexes with Eu.sup.+3 ...

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A method of treating a solute in a liquid solution in order to render the solution more acceptable for discharge into the environment, comprises electrolyzing the solution with an anode comprising electrically conductive crystalline doped diamond to thereby oxidize the solute.