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A biasing assembly for a switching device is formed in a modular enclosure that may be mounted on either left or right sides of the switching device. The biasing assembly interfaces with the switching device to rapidly move the switching device between first and second stable positions, such as corr ...

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A highly distributed industrial control system employs a number of separate control modules communicating together on a shared communications medium. Each module emulates one or more basic electrical parts having electrical terminals, such as switches and relays, and transmits production messages in ...

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A computer implemented method is provided for directing region-specific information. The method receives information relating to location of users, and provides location-specific information to the users.

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The present invention constitutes a data crossloading system for use with a programmable controller system having primary and secondary (or "back-up") systems each of which have redundant hardware components and have data structures associated with these components. The present invention further rel ...

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The claimed subject matter provides a system and/or method that facilitates management within an industrial environment. A controller can execute with a real-time operating system such that the controller can include two or more controller engine instances executing as processes on the controller. A ...

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A method of maintaining cross reference information regarding a user program comprises the steps of determining that an aspect of a first referencee has been modified, notifying a first referencer that the aspect of the first referencee has been modified, and updating cross reference information. Th ...

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A heat sink apparatus including a fluid conduit within a body portion wherein the body portion including at least one body member linked to the fluid conduit and forming at least first and second walls which are in different planes, the walls forming at least a first mounting surface for mounting he ...

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A brushless DC motor and drive package is disclosed, including modular subassemblies which are integrated into a single unit. The drive includes power electronic circuitry and related control circuitry which is supported on a circuit board within the package. The circuit board is supported on an end ...

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Techniques for system wide analysis of industrial protocol traffic are provided to determine an optimal location of a security device and/or to dynamically and automatically create rules for security devices, communication modules, and/or proxy devices, including replacement devices. Intrusion detec ...