Douglas R Hufnagle: Combination sterile pad support and lancet containing lancet disposal element. Unidex, John L Gray, February 19, 1991: US04994068 (245 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to a cheap, disposable combination sterile pad support and lancet which may be used in connection with drawing blood for various tests including stat glucose levels for diabetics cholesterol determinations and others. It includes means for reinserting the lancet in the sup ...

Daniel G Hedges, Barry S George: Stent retrieval device. John L Gray Esq, Kegler Brown Hill & Ritter, February 13, 2001: US06187016 (221 worldwide citation)

A stent retrieval device for insertion in an artery and capable of being guided along a radiopaque wire is described. The stent retrieval device includes a plurality of flexible individual fingers housed in a flexible tube with the fingers normally biased toward the interior surface of the tube so t ...

Richard H Turner: Asymmetrical femoral condye total knee arthroplasty prosthesis. John L Gray, July 28, 1992: US05133759 (169 worldwide citation)

A total knee arthroplasty prosthesis wherein the lateral femoral condyle is recessed more into the femur and is sloped cephalod and posterior when implanted on the femur when compared with the medial femoral condyle.

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Apparatus including a video baseball-simulating game and a special bat containing a combination of electronic, mechanical, and optical components for providing infrared radiation or other energy (typically electrical) that is modulated when the player swings the bat and thus actuates a centrifugal s ...

Chester S Shira: Golf club including high friction striking face. John L Gray, September 6, 1988: US04768787 (121 worldwide citation)

A golf club provided with a metallic golf ball striking surface wherein the striking surface has hard particles embedded therein with portions of the particles protruding above the surface so as to provide greater frictional grip between the golf ball striking surface and the golf ball. The striking ...

Christopher J Haydocy, H Dwight Eberhart, Robert J Caruso: Exercising apparatus which interacts with a video game apparatus during exercise. Computer Athlete, John L Gray, July 8, 1997: US05645513 (99 worldwide citation)

An exercise apparatus combined with a video game computer that allows the exerciser to interactively participate in the video game whereby the exerciser's advancement in the video game depends on his rate of exercise and hand-eye coordination. The exercise apparatus provides entertainment and a posi ...

Herbert J Mills: Oral irrigator. John L Gray, December 25, 1990: US04979504 (79 worldwide citation)

An oral irrigator for lavaging all of the gingival crevice including the interdental area of the gums, provided with a tip at the end of a probe for separating the gum part known as the gingival collar from the facial or linqual and interproximal sides of the tooth and having a steady flow of antimi ...

Roger A Burrows: Trash storage and disposal combination unit. RRRR Products, John L Gray, May 8, 1990: US04923087 (77 worldwide citation)

A combination trash container and disposal unit comprising a trash container and a trash bag held in said trash container in such a manner that the trash bag covers the upper opening of the trash container with the trash container so constructed that it may be nested and provide a space between the ...

Chester S Shira: Method of making a golf club head and the article produced thereby. Carbite, John L Gray, September 23, 1997: US05669825 (49 worldwide citation)

The invention involves golf club heads and a method of making golf club heads which comprises forming one or more components of the golf club head from sintered metal powders and then joining the components by welding, brazing, or diffusion or adhesive bonding to form a completed golf club head.

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A heated glove includes an electrically heated woven fabric in which the fabric has been coated with electrically conducting metal to enable its use as a heating element. The fabric heating element is in the shape of the front and back of a hand with the front and back being electrically connected t ...