Diane M Harvey, Yogendra C Pandya, Julian C Anigbogu, J Thomas Provost, Juan C Alvarado, David J Scheibner, Sanjay S Kanvinde, Bruce A Fogelsong, Keith G Kaan: System and method for electronic data delivery. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Pehr B Jansson, William Batzer, John J Ryberg, February 11, 2003: US06519568 (236 worldwide citation)

The present invention comprises a data delivery system for delivering oilfield data from an acquisition site to a remote delivery site comprising a central data hub computer that processes a workflow order for controlling delivery of the oilfield data, a data acquisition site computer that transmits ...

Haoshi Song, Jack F Lands Jr, Wallace E Voreck: Sealing well casings. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Gordon G Waggett, John J Ryberg, John Bouchard, November 10, 1998: US05833001 (163 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for sealing an inner wall of a portion of a casing positioned in a well employs an inflatable sleeve having an outer surface and a conformable composite sleeve of curable composition extending around the outer surface of the inflatable sleeve. The inflatable sleeve is inflate ...

Thomas O Mitchell, Roger J Card, Arthur Gomtsyan: Cleanup additive. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Robin C Nava, Thomas Mitchell, John J Ryberg, June 5, 2001: US06242390 (161 worldwide citation)

According to the present invention, a composition and method for hydraulically fracturing a subterranean formation is provided. The composition comprises an aqueous mixture of a hydrated polysaccharide, preferably a galactomannan gum, the hydrated polysaccharide having a plurality of bonding sites; ...

Bruce W Boyle, Raghu Madhavan, Jacques Jundt: Wired pipe joint with current-loop inductive couplers. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Jennie, Brigitte L Jeffery, John J Ryberg, November 4, 2003: US06641434 (144 worldwide citation)

A robust, low-loss wired pipe joint is provided for service as a component of a wired pipe string for transmitting measurement data to a surface station from locations in a borehole in oil well drilling and oil well operations. Conductive layers reduce signal energy losses over the length of the dri ...

Brian Clark, Stephen D Bonner, Jacques Jundt, Martin Luling: Well logging apparatus having toroidal induction antenna for measuring, while drilling, resistivity of earth formations. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Martin M Novack, Wayne I Kanak, John J Ryberg, August 10, 1993: US05235285 (130 worldwide citation)

Apparatus is disclosed for determining the resistivity of formations surrounding an earth borehole. An electrically conductive metal body, such as a drill collar on a drill string, is movable through the borehole. A transmitting toroidal coil antenna is disposed on the body and is energized to induc ...


Gary P Bickford, Pete Howard: Metal-sealed, thermoplastic electrical feedthrough. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Wayne I Kanak, Brigitte L Jeffery, John J Ryberg, January 14, 2003: US06506083 (117 worldwide citation)

An electrical feedthrough includes a connector body made of a metallic material, at least one contact pin inserted through a cavity in the connector body, and an insulating body made of a thermoplastic material formed between the connector body and the contact pin so as to provide a hermetic seal be ...

Reinhart Ciglenec, Lennox E Reid: Deployable sensor apparatus and method. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, John J Ryberg, Steven L Christian, May 22, 2001: US06234257 (111 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are provided for gathering data from a subsurface formation. A shell is utilized having a chamber therein, and being adapted for sustaining forcible propulsion into the subsurface formation. A data sensor is disposed within the chamber of the shell. The shell has a first port ...

Dale E Meek, Lawrence J Leising, John D Rowatt: Apparatus and method for orienting a downhole tool. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Jennie, Brigitte L Jeffery, John J Ryberg, July 16, 2002: US06419014 (111 worldwide citation)

An orienter, particularly on coiled tubing or small diameter drill pipe, includes a motor, turbine, or other device for selectively converting the rotational kinetic energy produced from fluid flow through the device to mechanical power, and applying the mechanical power to a downhole tool through a ...

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