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An apparatus for handling used disposable diapers having a canister base with a rim and a seal insert supported by the rim of the canister base. The seal insert has a structure defined by a plurality of radially disposed slits intersecting centrically to provide flexible sliced pre-shaped sectors ad ...

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A composition and method of inducing emesis to preclude death from accidental or intentional overdosage of a therapeutic composition. The surface of the therapeutic composition is coated with an emetic chemical of such quantity that if the therapeutic composition is consumed in moderation or in acco ...

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A process for holding a bag and a bag holding device. The device includes a box-like structure having a pair of side walls joined to a pair of end walls along corner score lines. The structure has a corner structure defining a notch in at least two of the corner score lines. Elastic band encircles t ...

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A wire holder for holding a bundle of wires having a base, a rim integrally bound to the base, and a plurality of overlapping elastic members mounted in the rim for receiving and holding the bundle of wires.

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A therapeutic composition is coated with a mixture of an emetic chemical and an inert material. A method for reducing absorption into the body of a being of an emetic chemical while still retaining localized emetic activity comprises combining prior to ingestion of the chemical, the emetic chemical ...

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An up-down cabinet for lowering a cabinet from a wall so that easy access is provided to the cabinet. The cabinet is normally disposed adjacent the wall. By urging the cabinet away from the wall the cabinet pivots outwardly and downwardly on pivotally attached swing arms. The swing arms are attached ...

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A physiologic device having a fluid filled compartment. This is surrounded by an outer sheath fastened to the foot. The sheath holds the compartment under the instep and directs the hydraulic forces into the ankle and lower leg. Pressure produced by walking on the fluid compartment is used to compre ...

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An infant toy for mounting on an infant seat, car seat, infant bed, stroller, or the like. The infant toy suspending play objects such as bells, mirrors, stars, or other attractable objects for the amusement of an infant. The infant toy adjustable for mounting on various sizes of infant seats, car s ...

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A weathershield for use on golf carts, or the like, of the type having a passenger compartment. The weathershield includes in combination a pipe frame mounted on the golf cart. The pipe frame has a roof defined by a front pipe, a back pipe, and a pair of side pipes secured to the front pipe and to t ...

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A vehicle wheelchair ramp for loading and unloading an occupant confined to a wheelchair. The ramp is hingably mounted on the floor of the vehicle and unfolds outwardly from the vehicle for contacting the ground surface, curb, or the like. The ramp includes built-in steps with U-shaped guide channel ...