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Dry chemistry reagent system, kit and method for detection of an analyte such as glucose, cholesterol, urea, antigen or antibody. The reagent system is a porous membrane or bibulous film having a porosity gradient from one planar surface to the other. In the membrane are uniformly distributed an ind ...

Louis Terminiello, Jack L Aronowitz: Test strip and fixture. Technimed Corporation, John H Faro, December 13, 1988: US04790979 (243 worldwide citation)

A test strip is disclosed which provides for transport and separation of heterogenous fluid samples. This test strip can be used for analysis of whole blood by reflectance measurement. This test strip, which can be especially adapted for use in a disposable blood sampling fixture, comprises two func ...

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The ventilation monitor of this invention includes a plurality of discrete sensors and a plurality of independent channels for processing the input signals from each of the discrete sensors. The principle category of sensor used in conjunction with this ventilation monitor is capable of the receptio ...

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A method for conducting a ligand assay in an inert porous medium wherein a binding material is immunologically immobilized within the medium, which includes the steps of immunologically immobilizing a binding material within a finite zone of the medium, applying an analyte to the zone containing the ...

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An automated instrument system for analyzing constituents of a patient sample while reacting a reagent specific for the selected constituent within the sample. The analyzer includes: a continuous flexible cuvette belt having a series of parallel discrete reaction compartments thereon, a carousel for ...

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The present invention relates generally to a device for use in the analysis of fluid samples and, more particularly, to a self-stacking reagent slide which is especially useful in an automated instrument for carrying out quantitative chemical analysis of biological fluid samples.

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The present invention relates to an assembly and method for introducing and transporting sample containers in a chemical analyzer, and in particular, to an assembly for organizing randomly loaded sample containers in a positively-identifiable fashion. The assembly additionally includes a means for s ...

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An apparatus and a data processing methodology for the creation, display and/or generation of brand name specific advertising media based upon a combination of sponsor and consumer input, is provided by this invention. The apparatus and methodology of this invention have application in diverse envir ...

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An assay kit comprising an analyte test strip and a color comparator including a plurality of different color fields arranged in an ordered, preferably linear, succession. There is an aperture through each color field so positioned that the reaction zone of the test strip can be placed behind each c ...

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Method comprises mounting at least one standard steel shipping container on a weight-bearing foundation at the ends thereof. Where two or more containers are used, the containers may be in spaced and/or abutting side-by-side relationship; and/or may be mounted one upon another. Where containers are ...