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A mesopump having a plurality of elementary cells and a method of pumping fluids using the mesopump. The cells each have a body forming a cavity having upper and lower electrodes with curved surfaces facing the other electrode. Electrical connections selectively energize the electrodes. A bistable d ...

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Means and methods of securing protected system files in a data processing system are disclosed, wherein the information determining access rights of system users to the protected systems files remains at all times within a secure processor. Provision is also made for allowing the display or labeling ...

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A monolithically constructed infrared, tunable Fabry-Perot cavity filter-detector for spectroscopic detection of particular substances having an absorption line in the wavelength range from 2 to 12 microns. The filter-detector has a hermetically sealed Fabry-Perot cavity that has a mirror which has ...

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An active virtual pivot hand controller using motors to control reflective forces and torques. Degree of freedom parameters, stops, and reflective force rates may be easily modified without altering hardware. The location of the virtual pivot of the hand controller may be likewise readily changed.

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An adaptive recovery method for a setback thermostat using the intersection of the space temperature with a sloped recovery temperature line which approximates the change in temperature as a function of time during recovery of the temperature controlled space from a setback temperature, to determine ...

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A system for producing vehicle routes such as aircraft flight plans in the presence of weather and other hazards defines static and moving hazards with polygons drawn on a display containing graphic hazard regions. Different hazard types and intensities are displayed differently. Both lateral and ve ...

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An actuator device providing an active surface. The actuator has a base having at least one first electrostatic electrode mounted therein which is oriented for electrostatic cooperative action with an opposing electrostatic electrode in a cover mounted above the first electrostatic electrode to defi ...

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A system of managing changes in the states of interrelated objects provides for synchronization of change notifications transferred between source and target objects. In one embodiment, target objects subscribe to state changes in source objects and the change notifications are provided with unique ...

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A flow control device includes a housing with separate main flow and flow control (servo) passages between an inlet port and an exit port. A control chamber in the housing is in fluid communication with the servo passage. A flexible membrane forms a partition between the main flow passage and the co ...