Hermann A Zinnen, Anil R Oroskar, Chin Hsiung Chang: Carbon dioxide removal using aminated carbon molecular sieves. Allied Signal, Harold N Wells, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, March 7, 1989: US04810266 (87 worldwide citation)

Acid gases such as carbon dioxide are removed from air or other gases using a unique carbon-based material. The material is a carbon molecular sieve prepared from oxygen-free precursors carbonized in the absence of oxygen. The pores of the material are then enlarged as by high temperature steaming. ...

Mark J O Hara, Marion R Surgi: Immobilization of lead and cadmium in solid residues from the combustion of refuse using lime and phosphate. Wheelabrator Environmental Systems, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, Eugene I Snyder, April 12, 1988: US04737356 (69 worldwide citation)

Solid residues arising from the burning of solid wastes have lead and cadmium sufficiently insolubilized to pass the EPA toxicity test only where the pH in the EPA test is between 7.5 and 12.0. Addition of water soluble phosphate, especially phosphoric acid, increases the immobilization of lead and ...

Vere Maffet: Processes for drying sewage sludge and filtering water. UOP, James R Hoatson Jr, John F Spears Jr, William H Page II, March 18, 1980: US04193206 (66 worldwide citation)

A process for drying and granulating sewage sludge. Wet sewage sludge is dried in either a thermal drying zone or a mechanical dewatering zone comprising a cylindrical chamber having a porous wall and a centrally mounted rotating helical screw conveyor which does not contact the porous wall. A plast ...

Steve T Bakas, Paul T Barger: Alkylation/transalkylation process. UOP, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, September 26, 1989: US04870222 (66 worldwide citation)

A process for the production of a monoalkylated aromatic compound which minimizes the production of undesirable alkylating agent oligomers, while producing monoalkylaromatics in high yields. The process entails the combination of an alkylation reaction zone, a separations zone, and a transalkylation ...

Tamotsu Imai, Deng Yang Jan: Catalytic oxidative steam dehydrogenation process. UOP, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, A Blair Hughes, November 29, 1988: US04788371 (61 worldwide citation)

A novel process is disclosed for the steam dehydrogenation of dehydrogenatable hydrocarbons in the vapor phase in conjunction with oxidative reheating of the intermediate products. The process utilizes a single catalyst to perform both the selective oxidation and steam dehydrogenation functions. The ...

Santi Kulprathipanja, Richard W Neuzil, Norman N Li: Separation of fluids by means of mixed matrix membranes. Allied Signal, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, Raymond H Nelson, April 26, 1988: US04740219 (60 worldwide citation)

A fluid feed mixture, either liquid or gaseous in nature, may be subjected to a gas enrichment separation process. The process is effected by contacting the mixture with the upstream face of a mixed matrix membrane which comprises an organic polymer having a solid particulate adsorbent incorporated ...

Jeffery C Bricker: Aromatization of methane using zeolite incorporated in a phosphorus-containing alumina. UOP, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, June 25, 1991: US05026937 (58 worldwide citation)

Methane is upgraded to aromatic hydrocarbons and other valuable C.sub.3 -plus hydrocarbons by contact with a catalyst comprising gallium and a ZSM-type zeolite incorporated in a phosphorous-containing alumina at relatively low temperature conditions.

Tamotsu Imai, Hayim Abrevaya, Jeffery C Bricker, Deng Yang Jan: Dehydrogenation catalyst compositon. UOP, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, A Blair Hughes, November 22, 1988: US04786625 (57 worldwide citation)

A novel catalytic composite comprising a platinum group metal component; a modifier metal component selected from the group consisting of a tin component, germanium component, rhenium component and mixtures thereof; an optional alkali or alkaline earth metal component or mixtures thereof, an optiona ...

Tai Hsiang Chao: Phosphorus-modified alumina composite, method of manufacture and use thereof. UOP, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, Thomas J Filarski, December 16, 1986: US04629717 (56 worldwide citation)

A novel phosphorus-modified alumina composite comprising a hydrogel having a molar ratio on an elemental basis of phosphorus to aluminum of from 1:1 to 1:100 together with a surface area of about 140 to 450 m.sup.2 /gm is defined. The composite is prepared by admixing an alumina hydrosol with a phos ...

Edward C Haun, Gregory J Thompson, Jayant K Gorawara, Dana K Sullivan: Two-stage hydrodesulfurization and hydrogenation process for distillate hydrocarbons. UOP, Thomas K McBride, John F Spears Jr, May 19, 1992: US05114562 (55 worldwide citation)

Middle distillate petroleum streams are hydrotreated to produce a low sulfur and low aromatic product in a process employing two reaction zones in series. The effluent of the first reaction zone is purged of hydrogen sulfide by hydrogen stripping and then reheated by indirect heat exchange. The seco ...

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