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Advantageous error rate performance, high bandwidth efficiency, low delay and reduced error floor are achieved at an acceptable level of decoding complexity via the use of serial concatenated turbo codes. These are codes for which at least some of the output bits, including at least one redundant bi ...

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An apparatus includes an optical fiber having a plurality of optical cores therein. Each optical core is located lateral in the optical fiber to the remaining one or more optical cores and is able to support a number of propagating optical modes at telecommunications wavelengths. Each number is less ...

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A display apparatus according to our invention comprises a multiplicity of nominally identical smart pixels, a given pixel comprising an organic light emitting diode and an organic or inorganic (e.g., amorphous or polycrystalline Si) pixel FET. The display also comprises drive/compensation circuitry ...

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An imaging system includes a pulsed laser, a pre-compensator for chromatic dispersion, a transmission optical fiber, and a GRIN lens. The pre-compensator chirps optical pulses received from the laser. The transmission optical fiber transports the chirped optical pulses from the pre-compensator. The ...

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A GRIN fiber lens has a silica-glass core whose refractive index has a radial profile. The profile has a radial second derivative whose average magnitude in the core is less than about 1.7×10

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A monolithic apparatus has a laser optical cavity. The laser optical cavity has a multi-layer structure that includes a first active semiconductor multi-layer and a second semiconductor multi-layer. The second semiconductor multi-layer is located laterally adjacent to the first active semiconductor ...

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A structure, e.g., a photonic band gap material, exhibiting substantial periodicity on a micron scale is provided. Fabrication involves the steps of providing a template comprising a colloidal crystal, placing the template in an electrolytic solution, electrochemically forming a lattice material, e. ...

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An optical gain medium has first and second active layers and an injector layer interposed between the first and second active layers. The active layers have upper minibands and lower minibands. The injector layer has a miniband that transports charge carriers from the lower miniband of the first ac ...

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An optical microscope includes a compound GRIN objective and a lens system. The compound GRIN objective is able to form an image of an object located near one end of the GRIN objective. The compound GRIN objective is configured to limit a lateral field of view for the image to a distance equal to th ...

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An optical system for monitoring or imaging a sample includes a probe, an optical splitter or circulator, and an optical detector. The probe includes an optical fiber and a GRIN fiber-size lens fused to one end of the fiber. The optical splitter or circulator receives light from a source and directs ...