Janet M Esty, John A Cox: Disposable electrosurgical instrument. Neomed, John E Reilly, January 19, 1982: US04311145 (272 worldwide citation)

A disposable instrument is adaptable for use in electrosurgical operations, such as, coagulation procedures used in blocking off fallopian tubes, and is characterized by having an improved electrode and switch assembly which permits interchangeable but permanent mounting of electrodes of a selected ...

Edward C Tibbals Jr: Electric motor drive with infinitely variable speed transmission. William R Loeffler, John E Reilly, July 5, 1983: US04391156 (196 worldwide citation)

A drive system adapted for use in motor vehicles comprises an infinitely variable speed drive transmission coupled to a DC motor, and the speed ratio of the transmission is controlled by a speed-responsive flyweight or governor so as to maintain the DC motor at its most efficient operating level.

Edward C Tibbals Jr: Single ball traction drive assembly. William R Loeffler, John E Reilly, October 20, 1987: US04700581 (193 worldwide citation)

An infinitely variable speed drive mechanism which is specifically adaptable for automotive applications is made up of a single ball or spherical element interpositioned between drive and driven members in opposed facing relation to one another on opposite sides of the ball, each of the drive and dr ...

Randall A Holliday: Coaxial cable connector for CATV systems. John E Reilly, September 16, 1997: US05667405 (185 worldwide citation)

A coaxial cable connector for connecting a coaxial cable to a terminal port wherein a connector sleeve assists in retaining an end of the coaxial cable, and a coupling member between the sleeve and the port draws the sleeve into flush engagement with an end of the port, an improved sealing device is ...

Randall A Holliday: End connector for coaxial cable. John E Reilly, March 26, 1996: US05501616 (181 worldwide citation)

An end connector for coaxial cables having inner and outer spaced concentric sleeves, the outer sleeve having axially spaced endless sealing rings along its inner wall surface portion adjacent to one end to which the end of the coaxial cable is inserted, and axially spaced serrations or gripping edg ...

Randall A Holliday: End connector fitting with crimping device. John E Reilly, January 26, 1999: US05863220 (177 worldwide citation)

An end connector fitting for splicing electrically conductive members, such as, coaxial cables together includes splicing devices which are threaded onto opposite ends of the fitting to cause deformable sleeve portions at opposite ends of the fitting to be crimped into sealed engagement with each el ...

Randall A Holliday: End connector and crimping tool for coaxial cable. John E Reilly, July 18, 2000: US06089913 (176 worldwide citation)

A fitting for connecting a coaxial cable to a terminal or to another coaxial cable is made up of a connector body, an outer sleeve extending from one end of the connector body for insertion of an end of the cable, and a crimping member is loosely connected to the outer sleeve and has a tapered annul ...

Randall A Holliday: Modular connector assembly for coaxial cables. John E Reilly, July 29, 1997: US05651699 (168 worldwide citation)

A terminal connector assembly for connecting coaxial cables to a selected device, such as, a cable television is made up of an adaptor and socket in press-fit relation to one another with an end connector at one end of the adaptor having endless sealing rings along an inner wall surface of an outer ...

Robert P Totten, Gail S Totten, Mary A Wilson: Natural tissue heat valve and method of making same. Mitral Medical International, John E Reilly, October 23, 1984: US04477930 (162 worldwide citation)

A low profile natural tissue heart valve with a one-piece fabric covering is applied to a stent in a minimum number of steps so that virtually no seams are exposed. The one-piece covering serves also to enclose and mount the sewing ring to avoid separation from the stent. The procedure employed enab ...

Lucas Ahlstrom, Lars Goran Johansson: Electronic identification tag. Confidence International, John E Reilly, April 24, 2001: US06222452 (150 worldwide citation)

An electronic identification tag is made up of at least one cover strip and a carrier strip having an antenna and transponder mounted thereon, and an adhesive to secure the strips together such that the antenna is interposed between the strips, the transponder being pre-programmed to generate a sign ...