Ilya Polyakov, Chris A Weaber: Surface deformation electroactive polymer transducers. Bayer MaterialScience, John E Mrozinski Jr, July 17, 2012: US08222799 (33 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides electroactive polymer transducers configured for surface mode deformation to provide thickness mode actuation. The inventive transducers may find use in various applications, including but not limited to haptic feedback for user interface devices (e.g., key buttons, ke ...

Jörg Hofmann, Pieter Ooms, Pramod Gupta, Walter Schäfer, John Lohrenz: Double metal cyanide catalysts for producing polyether polyols. Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Joseph C Gil, Lyndanne M Whalen, John E Mrozinski Jr, March 7, 2006: US07008900 (28 worldwide citation)

The invention provides new double metal cyanide (DMC) catalysts for preparing polyetherpolyols by the polyaddition of alkylene oxides to starter compounds which contain active hydrogen atoms, wherein the catalyst comprises a) double metal cyanide compounds, b) bile acids or their salts, esters or am ...

Sven Meyer Ahrens, Thomas J Matwiczyk, Bin Lee, Michael A Blaszkiewicz, Walter Guarnieri: Process to manufacture three dimensionally shaped substrate for sound abatement. Bayer MaterialScience, Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Lyndanne M Whalen, John E Mrozinski Jr, October 23, 2007: US07285316 (25 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a process for the manufacture of three-dimensional acoustically sound automotive insulation parts. In particular, the process includes mixing a two component polyurethane resin, applying the resin to a substrate, molding the substrate and then trimming and demold ...



Jörg Hofmann, Bernd Klinksiek, Stephan Ehlers, Thorsten Fechtel, Franz Föhles, Pieter Ooms: Process for producing DMC catalysts. Bayer Aktiengesellschaft, Joseph C Gil, John E Mrozinski Jr, August 24, 2004: US06780813 (21 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an improved method of producing double-metal cyanide (DMC) catalysts for the production of polyether polyols by polyaddition of alkylene oxides to starter compounds containing active hydrogen atoms, in which the DMC catalyst dispersion is produced using a mixing nozzle, pref ...

Jonathan R Heim, Ronald E Pelrine, Roy David Kornbluh, Joseph S Eckerle, Marcus Rosenthal, Richard P Heydt: Electroactive polymer devices for controlling fluid flow. SRI International, John E Mrozinski Jr, July 5, 2011: US07971850 (20 worldwide citation)

The invention describes devices for controlling fluid flow, such as valves. The devices may include one or more electroactive polymer transducers with an electroactive polymer that deflects in response to an application of an electric field. The electroactive polymer may be in contact with a fluid w ...


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