Keenan O Holte: Sporting event options market trading game. Oris L L C, John D Titus, O Connor Cavanagh, February 3, 1998: US05713793 (120 worldwide citation)

A commodities options trading game is provided in which the simulated market, which determines whether the value of the simulated commodities options rise or fall, is determined by a real event occurring outside the game being played. In a preferred embodiment, the event from which the simulated mar ...

Michael Gordon, Nathan Raciborski: Digital rights management license delivery system and method. Limelight Networks, John D Titus, December 18, 2007: US07310729 (100 worldwide citation)

A system for Digital Rights Management (DRM) license delivery is presented in which the license and encrypted content is accessed from a unique download URL address for each unit of encrypted content for each subscriber. The license is delivered only a limited number of times from each URL (typicall ...

James L Copland, Gary Crunk, Klaus Muerzl: Multimedia computer keyboard. SC&T International, John D Titus, O Connor Cavanagh, February 10, 1998: US05717430 (71 worldwide citation)

A multimedia computer keyboard that is adaptable to new or existing computer systems. The computer keyboard has built-in full range stereo speakers with a control panel located above the standard alphanumeric and function key pads. The computer keyboard also has external headphone and microphone jac ...

Bradley D Schweigert, Anthony D Serrano: Golf club head with high center of gravity. Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, Darrell F Marquette, John D Titus, September 6, 2005: US06939247 (64 worldwide citation)

A golf club head is formed of a hollow metal body having a center of gravity that is above the geometric center of the club face. The hollow metal body of the club head has a sole plate that is smoothly contoured and devoid of any inefficient structures such as weight pads or other mass concentratio ...

Ned Gvoich: Aerobic striding exerciser. Kordun, John D Titus, August 11, 1998: US05792027 (45 worldwide citation)

A striding exerciser comprises a pair of pedals or platforms, each suspended from a frame by a linkage such that the pedals move back and forth through an arc to simulate a natural walking or striding motion. Preferably the linkage is a triangulated four bar linkage, which permits the pedals to move ...

John K Waterman, John D Titus: Reconfigurable microdisplay. Three Five Systems, John D Titus, October 22, 2002: US06469766 (45 worldwide citation)

The present invention comprises a flat panel display, such as a liquid crystal microdisplay having a plurality of square and rectangular pixel electrodes that are addressable separately to produce a fine resolution display or addressable in combination to create a lower resolution display. By provid ...

Richard R Sanchez, Daniel J Kubica: Golf club with diagonally reinforced contoured front wall. Karsten Manufacturing Corporation, Darrell F Marquette, John D Titus, August 9, 2005: US06926618 (40 worldwide citation)

A golf club head composed of a forged metal material has a striking surface that is supported by diagonal stiffening regions that extend from a central region of the face toward the heel-sole quadrant, heel-crown quadrant, toe-crown quadrant, and toe-sole quadrants of the face. The diagonal stiffeni ...

Peter A Smith, Henning C Stauss, Barnaby Tack, James Thomson: Liquid crystal display element having a precisely controlled cell gap and method of making same. Three Five Systems, John D Titus, Gallagher & Kennedy P A, October 23, 2001: US06307612 (37 worldwide citation)

A liquid crystal display cell having improved cell gap uniformity is made by depositing a plurality of spacer particles on the cell substrate then subjecting the substrate to an external energy source to selectively dislodge and remove the larger particles, such as by immersing the substrate in and ...

James A St Ville: Golf glove and golf gripping method. John D Titus, O Connor Cavanagh, June 3, 1997: US05634214 (36 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a golf glove which includes padding to assist in properly gripping a golf club and to also protect the hand when playing golf. The glove further includes a visual indicator to assist in properly gripping a golf glove. The glove also incorporates transversely isotropic materi ...

Norman T Dunlop, Peter A Dunlop, David J Roden: Direct lift. Woodbine Manufacturing, John D Titus, O Connor Cavanagh, June 24, 1997: US05641262 (25 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to hydraulic lift apparatus in general and to a hydraulically operated vehicular tailgate lift apparatus in particular.

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