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A wireless quality of service (QoS) agent for an all-Internet Protocol (IP) network. The QoS agent couples to an all-IP network. The coupling means includes communication means for transfer of information between the agent and a QoS manager of the all-IP network. The agent is also able to seamlessly ...

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The radiotelephone demodulates the information received from the base station. The symbol-energy-to-noise-density (E.sub.s /N.sub.o) is estimated over a specified duration. This estimate is compared to a target E.sub.s /N.sub.o value. The target is updated periodically in order to maintain the quali ...

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A power line communications system has at least one power line upon which noise level varies with time. The system determines quiet periods when noise upon the line is at a reduced level and transmits one or more data packets within the quiet periods, so as to increase data throughput in the system.

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A combination of Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) capabilities including Short Message Service (SMS), Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and Customized Applications for Mobile network Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) allows an advertiser to pay a portion of the airtime cost of a call originated by ...


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Disclosed is a system for minimizing the effects of faults over an air link of a wireless transmission channel utilizing Transport Control Protocol (TCP). The system includes a TCP-Aware Agent Sublayer (TAS) in a protocol stack, which has a mechanism for caching both TCP packets during forward trans ...