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A filter assembly utilizing a plurality of stackable filter head units which permit parallel flow through filter elements mounted within filter bowls, there being one filter element and filter bowl mounted on each of the stackable filter head units. An improved filter head construction is employed w ...

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A liquid pumping apparatus for pumping liquids, more specifically a linear peristaltic pump apparatus. The apparatus consists of a high durometer compressible elastomeric liquid flow tube (

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A solid cathode liquid organic electrolyte lithium cell for delivering high current pulses comprising a casing, a cathode structure in the casing comprising a plurality of plates in spaced apart relation, a lithium anode comprising a plurality of anode sections interposed between the cathode plates, ...

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A vaginal pessary (10 or 34) used to control urinary incontinence or a prolapse, which pessary has a hollow annular body (12 or 36) and an elongated fluid conveying flexible elongated tube (16) which may be stored between the upper and lower surfaces of the annular body when the pessary has been pro ...

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A layout tape is disclosed for use in positioning building materials, such as studding, joists and rafters, in a building, wherein the tape is intended to be left in place within the building upon completion. The layout tape preferably has an adhesive backing facilitating positioning/mounting thereo ...

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A game apparatus which resembles a shooting gallery, the apparatus including a gun (10) for projecting an electromagnetic beam such as an infrared light beam (22) and a target assembly (12) which includes a plurality of targets (82). Normally the targets are not visible, being concealed behind a two ...

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A curing device for curing dental materials by light-induced polymerization has a supply station and a hand-held apparatus including a light source. A detachable cable connects the hand-held apparatus to the supply station. An output control device controls the light source in order to ensure a unif ...

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The present invention consists of a method and apparatus providing for the continuous stream blending, preferably on a mass ratio basis, of two or more liquids. Each individual liquid stream is synchronously dosed in precise mass ratio to a common mixing point. The flow of each stream is on-off or d ...

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An improved console for a tractor or the like, the console being of the type carrying various instrumentation and controls. The console includes a relatively thick support member provided with at least one generally flat surface surrounding a plurality of openings with which various light emitting d ...

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A process for fabricating dental form pieces for dental restoration and replacement parts is provided and includes the step of applying a material, on a firm support or a fluid medium, by a three dimensional plotting technology in a layer by layer manner. The material has micro cords and/or micro dr ...