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An illuminating display is provided a reflective panel having a graphical image formed therein. A laser is used to precisely etch the graphics pattern in an optically active surface, such as a mirrored surface. The graphical image is then reproduced on a paper carrier, and then brought into precise ...

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An inflatable insulating panel consisting of a plurality of sheetform polyolefin layers, and its manner of fabrication, is provided. An outer peripheral seal forms an inflatable panel, with an intermediate interconnected web of layers formed out of an array of alternating seams of attachment between ...

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A method for playing a card game having wagering opportunities. Wagering selections are made from among a group of possible playing card outcomes, with the winning outcome selected using a specialized die. After all bets have been placed, a single playing card is dealt face down at each of certain p ...

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A subsurface fluid distribution system for sewage effluent and irrigation water utilizes one or more arrays of serially connected leaching chambers. Each leaching chamber is a double-walled construction of arch-shaped cross section with an open bottom and closed ends. A plurality of vertically off-s ...

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A personal misting umbrella consists of a water distribution tubing network that exists within the umbrella canopy. Its placement within and attachment to the spreader and rib umbrella canopy support structure enables the canopy to be operated in an unhindered manner within its stored and unfurled c ...

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A pulse generator generates a pulse that is transmitted to a device under test through a signal path that has a substantially constant impedance along its entire length. A voltage on the signal path and a current therethrough is measured in response to the pulse being generated.

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An insulating bag is provided having an inflatable, double outer layer defining an interior container space for thermally-sensitive cargo. A surface reflective to radiant thermal energy lies within the inflated outer layer as a layer on an interior surface of the wall and/or as a surface formed on a ...

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A stilt having a multiple-articulating, three segment base provides enhanced stability and a better translation of walking forces. The intermediate base segment is attached to both toe and heel base segments in a manner that permits relative rotational movement between each segment. Providing an int ...

William J Wagner: Tray caddy. John C Lambertsen, Kenehan & Lambertsen, July 3, 2001: US06253399 (16 worldwide citation)

A tray may be temporarily attached to a supporting frame, such as a bed frame rail, to provide a support surface that enables the placement of various desired personal accessories in close proximity to persons enjoying limited mobility. A side support member is attached to an edge of the tray, and e ...

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A leaching chamber having an arch-shaped cross-section, a pair of contiguously molded, opposing end walls, and alternating peak and valley corrugations along its length, is provided interior chambers and fluid communication openings along the base on each extending side of the chamber. Formed within ...