Gary Gershony, Karol W Nowakowski: Vascular sealing device. Joel Skinner, January 24, 1995: US05383896 (382 worldwide citation)

A device for sealing an opening or puncture in the wall of a blood vessel or other percutaneous openings. The device includes a shaft section of a small diameter, with an expandable balloon and atraumatic tip at its distal end. The proximal end of the device has an inflation/deflation port which is ...

Byron L Gilman, Karl J F Kroll: Medical electrode packaging technology. SurViva Link Corporation, Joel Skinner, April 4, 1995: US05402884 (82 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a sealed package system for housing at least one medical electrode apparatus and for enabling the periodic testing thereof, comprising a thin, generally flat flexible envelope constructed and arranged to form an interior cavity for enclosing a conductive gel contact surface of ...

Eric Persson: External defibrillator circuit. SurViva Link Corporation, Joel Skinner, April 11, 1995: US05405361 (43 worldwide citation)

A portable, automatic external defibrillator, comprising a plurality of capacitors; a capacitor charging circuit; connections from the capacitors to a patient body; and a plurality of semiconductor switches arranged to connect the capacitors to the charging circuit and to the patient body.

Colin P Ford, Carl J Taute: Self- locating star wheel system for a packaging machine. Riverwood International Corporation, Joel Skinner, Steve McLary, Skinner and Associates, July 28, 1998: US05784857 (30 worldwide citation)

A self-locating star wheel system for spacing bottles on a conveyor in a packaging machine comprising a pair of star wheels with a hub and cam disposed between them and mounted on an arm which moves them into the stream of bottles until the cam engages a pair of rollers mounted at the ends of a U-sh ...

Dennis C Blood, Daryl E Ingalsbe, Joseph T Tousignant, Joseph M Walsh: Method of communicating data from remote devices to a central computer via a telecommunications link. Independent Technologies, Joel Skinner, July 22, 1997: US05651057 (27 worldwide citation)

A method for communicating data from one or more remote computerized coin telephone auditing devices to a central computer via a telephone line, which comprises the steps of receiving input data signals at a remote computerized auditing device, decoding the input data signals into digital data, and ...

David L Ingalsbe: Telecommunications test adapter. Independent Technologies, Joel Skinner, February 28, 1995: US05393235 (8 worldwide citation)

A telecommunications adapter for use with a 110-type patch cord, comprising: a printed circuit board; at least two contact blades for making electrical contact with the 110-type patch cord, the blades having a predetermined configuration and being mounted to the primed circuit board; an electrical c ...

Allen L Olson: Conveyor flight longitudinal phase adjustment assembly. Riverwood International Corporation, Joel Skinner, December 6, 1994: US05369942 (8 worldwide citation)

A package transport mechanism having a plurality of phase adjustable lug-type flights. The mechanism is incorporated in a continuous motion packaging assembly for loading article groups into cartons or other carriers which comprises an article infeed mechanism supplying at least one stream of articl ...

Kazuhito Yokomori, Kohei Yamashita: Vehicle door closer device. Mitsui Kinzoku Act Corporation, Skinner and Associate, Joel Skinner, March 3, 2015: US08967680 (2 worldwide citation)

In a planetary gear mechanism of a vehicle door closer device, a planetary gear meshes with a sun gear and a ring gear. When the ring gear turns in one direction, the planetary gear orbits while it turns on its own axis. A closing lever is pivoted on the planetary gear and turns with orbiting of the ...

Donald C Grant, Mark R Litchy, David Blackford, Derek R Oberreit: Particle concentration measurement technology. CT Associates, Skinner and Associates, Joel Skinner, July 21, 2015: US09086350 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for measuring particle concentration and size distribution of particles in liquids. The method involve separating dissolved and particulate residues in liquids for determination of the size and concentration of the particulate species. The method includes the steps of forming ...

Matthew J Buvala: Cart assembly for fence netting. Skinner and Associates, Joel Skinner, October 21, 2014: US08864163 (2 worldwide citation)

A fence netting cart assembly, suitable for both deploying and picking up a length of fence netting, including fence netting with integral posts fastened to the fence netting at regular intervals. The fence netting cart assembly includes a frame member with a pair of wheel members each on opposite s ...

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