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A TV video signal synchronization signal system enables a video device such as a digital special effects system to operate synchronously in response to an input video signal and still produce an output video signal synchronized to a television studio locking reference signal. The video device and th ...

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A general device for the input of information in a binary format through rotational motion is disclosed, having independent means for the simultaneous output of information in a form perceivable to the human tactile sense. In particular, a knob is coupled to a shaft, a tachometer and a particle brak ...

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An apparatus and method for controlling the position of a web containing location identifying information thereon. In particular, a means for measuring displacement of the web independent of the location information is employed to measure the displacement of the web in a cyclic manner such that the ...

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A universal interface unit for providing output signals in any one of a plurality of different signal formats stores information relating to each of the different available formats. When signals are to be provided to a particular device, personality data regarding the device enables the particular s ...

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An audio/video editing system presents different menus of editing functions on a display screen and changes the menus as well as performing different editing functions in response to the touching of selected areas of the display screen by an operator. An arrangement of light emitting diodes and phot ...

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A YIQ computer graphics system includes a data processing system having a data tablet for receiving inputs from an artist and a video processing system connected to the data processing system. The video processing system includes a two component expandable frame store with the first component storin ...

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A manually-operable joystick is mounted for universal pivoting motion as by means of spherical bearing and journal means and is biased toward a neutral position so as to return automatically thereto upon release of manual constraint.

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A pump is used to exhaust oxygen rich waste gas to ambient pressure in an inert gas generating system in order to improve the performance of the permeable membrane air separator component and to insure sufficient generation of inert gas when available source air pressure is low.

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Disclosed is a foil bearing in which the individual compliant foils are mounted intermediate the ends thereof.

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for performing a reduction of the data rate of a data stream for transmission through a transmission channel or recording and for subsequently reconstructing the original data stream upon receipt or during reproducing. The method and apparatus utilizes a combinat ...