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A method of seismic surveying comprising the steps of actuating the or each vibrator in a first vibrator group at time T0, and subsequently actuating the or each vibrator in a second vibrator group at time T1 that satisfies T0

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A tool generates signals indicative of shear wave slowness of the formation surrounding a borehole. The tool comprises a collar portion adapted for mounting in a drill string, a quadrupole sonic transmitter mounted to the collar portion, and a quadrupole sonic receiver array mounted to the collar sp ...

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Tools for investigating an earth formation in the presence of either oil-base or water-base mud include a circuit which induces current into the formation in a focused manner, and a sensor electrode which is isolated from the circuit, at least partially surrounded by the circuit, and located in the ...

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A method of extracting desired features from a cellular image including the steps of: (a) selecting an initial cell within the image; (b) selecting an additional cell, near the initial cell, appearing to be associated with a desired feature; (c) repeating step (b) for further cells, near at least on ...

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The invention concerns an aqueous viscoelastic fluid for use in the recovery of hydrocarbons. According to the invention this fluid comprises a first viscoelastic surfactant and a second surfactant able to decompose under downhole conditions to release a compound itself able to reduce the viscosity ...

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A method for automated extraction of surface primitives from seismic data is presented. A preferred embodiment of the method includes defining, typically with sub-sample precision, positions of seismic horizons through an extrema representation of a 3D seismic input volume; deriving coefficients tha ...

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Methods and tools are described to reduce sanding including the steps of fracturing the cement sheath in a localized zone around the casing and having the fractured zone act as sand filter between the formation and openings in the casing, with the openings being best pre-formed but temporarily block ...

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A novel method is presented to automatically design a multi-well development plan given a set of previously interpreted subsurface targets. This method identifies the optimal plan by minimizing the total cost as a function of existing and required new platforms, the number of wells, and the drilling ...

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The present invention discloses a method and apparatus to detect bubbles in a fluid sample to determine if gases are present, wherein an ultrasonic source is used and its properties monitored. Fluctuations in the ultrasonic source's electrical properties indicate the presence of bubbles/gas. Al ...

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A system for communicating information, particular for use in a hydrocarbon well, is described including one or more releasable vessels having radio frequency (RF) circuitry responsive, when in use, to an RF reader system, the vessel including counteracting means to reduce the effect of destabilizin ...