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Subterranean oilfield high-temperature devices configured or designed to facilitate downhole monitoring and high data transmission rates with laser diodes that are configured for operation downhole, within a borehole, at temperatures in excess of 115 degrees centigrade without active cooling.

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A wireline drill train is used to drill an elongated, small diameter, lateral branch borehole from near the base of a main well. The drill train, includes a drill module, a first self-propelled thrust module coupled to the drill module, and a second self-propelled thrust module pivotally coupled to ...

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A wireline-conveyed side-wall core coring tool for acquiring side-wall core from a geological formation for performing in-situ side-wall core analysis. The coring tool has a core analysis unit operable to measure geophysical properties of an acquired side-wall core. The measured geophysical properti ...

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The present invention discloses an acoustic borehole source and method of using the source for generating elastic waves through an earth formation that may be used for logging or permanent installations. The acoustic source is comprised of a first motorized reaction mass and at least two pads, each ...

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A method of downhole characterization of formation fluids is provided. The method includes: estimating a rough value of the bubble point pressure of the formation fluids; depressurizing the formation fluids at a first speed to a certain pressure which is a predetermined value higher than the estimat ...

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A downhole tool is provided that includes a grip assembly for contacting a well formation. The grip assembly includes a gripper body; and a centralizer that is attached to and radially expandable with respect to the gripper body and that has a geometry which is lockable by a locking device. The grip ...

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For use in logging downhole in an earth borehole, a method for determining a characteristic of oil, includes: providing and determining the viscosity of a plurality of crude oil samples; performing test measurements, using a predetermined operating mode, on media including the crude oil samples to o ...

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The present disclosure provides, among other things, apparatuses and methods for sensing subsurface data. One embodiment comprises borehole conveyance system tool, the borehole conveyance system tool comprising a conveyance, a sensor array disposed on the conveyance, and an acquisition electronics s ...

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Sensors located in the vicinity of a hydrocarbon-producing well receive power and communicate with one or more hubs located in the well or at the outer surface of a casing by means of elastodynamic waves. Each hub incorporates a plurality of transducers which permit focusing of the emitted elastodyn ...

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Methods and apparatus facilitating radial profiling of shear slowness are disclosed. According to some aspects of the invention, acoustic tool bias is accounted for in the calculation of radial profiles. According so some aspects, acoustic tool bias is accounted for by replacing acoustic tool struct ...