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A detachable and replaceable end effector assembly. The detachable mechanism is made of standard end effectors attached to an actuating tip and pinned inside a yoke assembly. Replacement is made by pulling back a spring loaded radial lock 90, to disengage two rear tabs 51 on the outer tip 50. The yo ...

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In a section of an oil field a first and only bore hole (5) is drilled through the strata (3) carrying heavy oil until the underlying stratum (4) void of heavy oil and enlarged to a cavern-like collection chamber (9). Around this first bore hole (5) a plurality of second bore holes (6) are drilled t ...

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Electrical switching power supply for microprocessors and the like comprising a high voltage d.c. source (30, 34, 32, 50) resonant circuit (38, 51, 42, 52) including a switching transistor (52) which is operated in Megahertz range and provides pulses, via a transformer (40), rectifier (56), smoothin ...

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Method and apparatus for rotary motion converting power transmission assembly with counter-rotating outputs on the same axis as the rotary input.

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An ├ętendue efficient angle conversion system that operates in a quasi-imaging mode. This system is capable of generating angular and spatial axial asymmetric output beams and is also capable of incorporating therein optional color reformatting capabilities. With the aid of anamorphic beam transforme ...

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An improved direct fired power system generating and employing a combustion gas which includes carbon dioxide or a working fluid including a combustion chamber (20) for burning a mixture which includes oxygen, carbonaceous fuel and recycled carbon dioxide working fluid at a first pressure of above 1 ...