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Methods and apparatuses for controlling bladder discharge in a patient are described. The method includes coupling a first electrode to a sacral ventral root of the patient and coupling a second electrode to a sacral dorsal root of the patient. The method may be applied to spinal cord injured patien ...

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A capillary for introduction of whole blood into an analysis device. The capillary has a variable volume along its length, which allows the liquid sample to be drawn into the interior of the cartridge, away from the inlet, reducing the risk of contamination of the sample from the outside.

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A fastener driving tool capable of locating a preformed hole in a first workpiece and driving a nail therethrough and into a second workpiece to attach the first workpiece to the second workpiece. The tool comprises a body having a main portion and a handle portion, a guide body, a drive track in th ...

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A therapeutic sling seat comprising a flexible material which is non-uniform in stiffness providing maximum contact surface area with the body of a person seated in the seat by spreading the forces away from high pressure areas using multiaxis tension forces. The seat material in tension adapts to t ...

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A device for coupling nerve cuff electrodes for stimulating nerves to a signal source for applying electrical signals for activation. The device comprises a carrier plate composed of a non-conductive material which contains a series of grooves for receiving selected nerve trunks. On either side of e ...

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The present invention provides a single-use electronic device and test card for use therein which performs a coagulation or lysis assay of a blood or plasma sample. The device includes a housing having an exterior surface and defining an interior area and means for receiving the sample through the h ...

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A canister-type magazine for a fastener driving tool using a coil of tandemly arranged fasteners. The magazine comprises a substantially cylindrical body having a top, a bottom and side walls. The magazine is openable, providing access to the interior thereof. A cylindrical magazine post extends upw ...

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The present invention consists of a mirror to be used in combination with a light source. Light is transmitted from the light source through the body of a light conductive shank to a shank heel and face, from which illumination is provided in front of and behind the mirror head. In this way, for exa ...

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An actuating system for operating the doors of a railroad hopper car. A plurality of levers for each hopper operate to rotate the doors of the hopper between an open and a closed position. The mechanism applies a tension force, rather than a compressive force, to push the doors closed. The mechanism ...

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An improved magazine for a fastener driving tool having a two piece back plate allowing easy access to the drive track for removing jammed fasteners from the tool. The magazine consists of a first fixed rail having a back plate section perpendicular to the rail, and a second rail slidable with respe ...