William M Heran, Glen R Fleischer, Joyce A Damico, Paul T Van Gompel: Disposable underpants, such as infants training pants and the like. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Douglas L Miller, Donald L Traut, Jeremiah J Duggan, February 10, 1987: US04641381 (161 worldwide citation)

A disposable underpant (10, 10') comprising a front panel (11) and rear panel (12) joined together along side seams (13) to provide a three-dimensional garment having a pair of elasticized leg openings (14) and an elasticized waist opening (15), and including a bodyside liner (16), outer cover (17) ...

Richard J Hovey, Nori Y C Chu, Peter G Piusz, Charles H Fuchsman: Photochromic compounds. American Optical Corporation, Jeremiah J Duggan, Alan H Spencer, Stephen A Schneeberger, July 29, 1980: US04215010 (142 worldwide citation)

Photochromic compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein one of R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 is halogen or lower alkoxy, and the other is hydrogen, and R.sub.3 and R.sub.4 are hydrogen, lower alkyl, lower alkoxy, or halogen and their use in lenses are disclosed.

Anthony R Booth: Razor cartridges. Warner Lambert Company, Jeremiah J Duggan, Stephen A Schneeberger, October 16, 1979: US04170821 (133 worldwide citation)

A solid water-soluble shaving aid incorporated in a disposable razor blade cartridge which gradually dissolves during the act of wet shaving. The shaving aid, in the form of a lubricant, whisker softener, razor cleaner, medicinal agent, cosmetic agent or combination of the above is embedded, dispers ...

Frederich O Lassen, Robert J Peerenboom, Cheri L Schultz: Labial sanitary pad. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Paul A Leipold, Donald L Traut, Jeremiah J Duggan, December 23, 1986: US04631062 (125 worldwide citation)

A labial pad (30) having an anatomically conformable configuration with a generally ovate geometry defined by a principal longitudinal axis (L), a minor transverse axis (T) and a generally orthogonal lateral or height axis (H), is comprised of a laterally upwardly directed projection (52) lying gene ...

Paul T Van Gompel, Karen M B Yaccarino: Cloth-like, liquid impervious composite material and method for making the same. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Douglas L Miller, Donald L Traut, Jeremiah J Duggan, February 16, 1988: US04725473 (120 worldwide citation)

The cloth-like, liquid impervious composite material is made by applying a nonwoven layer of loose, unadhered fibers to a liquid impervious film, and then point-bonding the nonwoven layer to the liquid impervious film to form discrete points of adhesion between the fibers and film. Because the fiber ...

Anne M Fahrenkrug, Patrick R Lord: Diaper having disposable chassis assembly and reuseable elasticized belt removably retained by said chassis assembly. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Jeremiah J Duggan, August 4, 1992: US05135522 (114 worldwide citation)

A diaper comprises a rectangular disposable chassis assembly capable of absorbing and containing bodily wastes, including front, crotch and rear portions and a liquid-previous liner and liquid-impermeable barrier formed together about a liquid-absorbing core. A reusable elasticized cloth belt is rem ...

James E Tomsovic Jr: Apparatus for repositioning discrete articles. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Douglas L Miller, Donald L Traut, Jeremiah J Duggan, February 23, 1988: US04726876 (113 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for changing the spacing between articles of a moving array of discrete articles includes transfer means mounted for orbiting along a closed orbital path passing through a receiving zone and a discharge zone. The orbital radius of the transfer means is adjustable to provide an orbital radi ...

Donald R Uhlmann, Elias Snitzer, Richard J Hovey, Nori Y C Chu, Joseph T Fournier Jr: Stabilized photochromic materials. American Optical Corporation, Jeremiah J Duggan, Alan H Spencer, Stephen A Schneeberger, August 28, 1979: US04166043 (100 worldwide citation)

Organic photochromic materials comprising a photochromic dye and a resinous material can be stabilized with a protective coating which will protect them from deactivation by exposure to moisture, oxygen, various plastic host materials, reactive chemicals or even normal atmospheric conditions. Useful ...

Albert R LeBoeuf: Contact lenses containing hydrophilic silicone polymers. American Optical Corporation, Jeremiah J Duggan, Alan H Spencer, April 14, 1981: US04261875 (97 worldwide citation)

Homopolymers and copolymers of compounds according to the formula; ##STR1## wherein R is an alkyl having 1 to 3 carbons, a+b+c+d=e, b=0 to e, c=0 to e, b+c>1, d=0 to 5, e=1 to 100, and Y is an organic group containing at least one >C=C< are hydrophilic as well as exhibiting properties similar to sil ...

Robert N Bauernfeind: Embossing process and product. Kimberly Clark Corporation, Gregory E Croft, Donald L Traut, Jeremiah J Duggan, July 26, 1988: US04759967 (92 worldwide citation)

Cross-machine strength reduction of creped wadding sheets due to embossing is reduced by a background embossing pattern having elongated embossments oriented with the major axis of the embossments substantially parallel to the cross-machine direction of the sheet.

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