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A compression wave type signal of a selected frequency is transmitted into the ground at the bottom of a well bore being drilled. The signal is picked up by four microphones that are positioned in another well bore. The microphones have a known orientation with respect to the desired course of the w ...

Edward Dimitroff, John A Vitkovits: Fuel system for and a method of operating a spark-ignited internal combustion engine. Southwest Research Institute, Marvin B Eickenroht, Jennings B Thompson, July 1, 1980: US04210103 (49 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a spark-ignited internal combustion engine wherein a blend of gasoline and alcohol is separated into its gasoline and alcohol phases, with the gasoline being atomized within an induction system, and the alcohol being dissociated into vapors which are mixed with the atomized gasoli ...

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A seal is disclosed for use in high ambient temperatures. The seal includes a plurality of V-shaped seal rings having opposite convex and concave sides that are stacked or rested in the annular space provided between a shaft and a housing through which the shaft extends. Each seal ring includes an a ...

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There are disclosed rams for blowout preventers having blades on their inner ends in position to shear or sever a pipe or other object extending within the bore of the preventer housing as the rams are moved within guideways intersecting the bore from outer positions, in which the bore is open, to i ...

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There is disclosed cooling equipment wherein air is caused to pass through a wet cooling tower section and thus precooled prior to passage across the tube bundle of a dry cooling tower section through which a medium to be cooled is circulated, and then either selectively vented or recirculated succe ...

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The connector disclosed includes a body having a groove in which an electrical cable can be positioned. Electrical contacts are positioned in the groove with each contact having a sharp end for penetrating the insulation of the cable and engaging the electrical conductors of the cable. A movable cab ...

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The apparatus disclosed includes a locator pin assembly for mounting on the outlet box before the covering member is placed over the box. It includes one or more pins, depending on the type of outlet box, that are attached to and extend perpendicularly from opposite sides of the mounting plate. The ...

Anderson L Wilkerson: Septic tank system. Jennings B Thompson, May 4, 1976: US03954612 (28 worldwide citation)

A septic tank system is provided with an indicator above the ground surface to indicate the water level in the tributaries leading from the tank so that any excess water therein may be pumped out before it causes a back up of sewage upstream of the septic tank.

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The invention disclosed comprises a method of and apparatus for inspecting a pipeline in situ. An alternating voltage is impressed between the pipeline and a ground bed. Spaced electrodes are positioned transverse the pipeline at spaced locations along the pipeline. At each location, the current flo ...

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There is disclosed a vise for use in a vertical milling machine or the like wherein the inner sides of master jaws releasably attached to the inner sides of the locking jaws of the vise are provided with dovetail grooves in which dovetails on the outer side of soft jaws or hard jaws may be releasabl ...