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In an embodiment, a mobile device includes a sensor processor system, an application processor system and a power management controller that controls power being applied to the application processor system. The sensor processor system monitors sensors connected to the mobile device. The sensor proce ...

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Methods and apparatus are provided for use in wireless networks to provide and/or otherwise support peer-to-peer positioning operations.

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Example methods, apparatuses, and articles of manufacture are disclosed that may be utilized to pre-fetch and/or obtain information for use with mobile devices based, at least in part, on a gesture of a user and/or location of a mobile device. By way of example, a method may include detecting an arr ...

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A mobile platform includes a microphone array and is capable of implementing beamforming to amplify or suppress audio information from a sound source. The sound source is indicated through a user input, such as pointing the mobile platform in the direction of the sound source or through a touch scre ...

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Systems, apparatuses, and methods disclosed herein allow a requesting party to control use of another user's mobile station. In some aspects, a server is configured to communicate with a plurality of remote computer systems and target mobile stations. The server includes a memory device and a proces ...

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Systems and methods of generating depth data using edge detection are disclosed. In a particular embodiment, first image data is received corresponding to a scene recorded by an image capture device at a first focus position at a first distance. Second image data is received corresponding to a secon ...

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A first repeater operating within a wireless network including a second repeater capable of communicating with the first repeater, and first and second wireless station devices capable of communicating with at least one of the first repeater and the second repeater, includes a reception device for r ...

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A method and apparatus for combining pressure information from pressure sensors, motion information from dead reckoning or other motion sensors, such as accelerometers, gyroscopes, and geomagnetic sensors, and temperature information from temperature sensors, to separate a change in altitude from a ...

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The subject matter disclosed herein relates to interacting with a target object using an imaging device of a handheld mobile device.