Kirit K Talati, Yashvant Jani: Method and apparatus for electronic commerce. Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, May 11, 1999: US05903878 (368 worldwide citation)

A method for providing validated electronic commerce transactions is disclosed. A transaction order generated by a purchaser has a unique transaction identifier associated therewith and the purchase order is transmitted to a merchant and then to a transaction administrator. The transaction administr ...

Sing Bing Kang: Hands-free interface to a virtual reality environment using head tracking. Digital Equipment Corporation, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, December 28, 1999: US06009210 (367 worldwide citation)

A hands-free navigation system for tracking a head and responsively adjusting the display of a virtual reality environment includes a camera, the camera employed to follow movements of the head, a computer system connected to the camera, the computer system including a memory, a central processing u ...

Edward M Smith, David R Sewell, Patrick T Golden: System and method for energy management. Perot Systems Corporation, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, August 31, 2004: US06785592 (343 worldwide citation)

A business methodology for optimizing energy procurement energy demand (usage) and energy supply for a facility or complex. After ascertaining a baseline model, energy consumption is monitored and adjusted to reflect dynamic economic factors of operations. With the accumulation of data, contract neg ...

Vladimir Alperovich, David Boltz: System and method for displaying short messages depending upon location, priority, and user-defined indicators. Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, September 12, 2000: US06119014 (320 worldwide citation)

A telecommunications system and method is disclosed for organizing SMS messages sent to a mobile terminal based on the location of the mobile terminal or the time of delivery of the SMS messages. Thus, when a subscriber sends a short message to another subscriber, the originating subscriber can spec ...

Hans Hall, Stefan Willehadson, Jan Gabrielsson: Wireless mobile comunication devices for group use. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, February 29, 2000: US06032051 (289 worldwide citation)

Wireless mobile communication devices automatically transmit therebetween information regarding the status of the devices. This permits the devices to be used effectively by members of a group or team performing a given task.

Pau Chen Cheng, Shyh Wei Luan: System and method for policy-based inter-realm authentication within a distributed processing system. International Business Machines Corporation, Richard M Jenkens & Gilchrist P C Ludwin, August 6, 1996: US05544322 (287 worldwide citation)

A system and method for defining a platform-independent policy framework for authentication of principals to servers in another realm, within a distributed data processing system. The present invention may be implemented on top of the Kerberos protocol, or any trusted third party network authenticat ...

Eric Valentine, Vladimir Alperovich: Method and apparatus for restricting operation of cellular telephones to well delineated geographical areas. Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, January 4, 2000: US06011973 (276 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method and apparatus for restricting operation of a cellular telephone to well delineated geographical areas. The cellular telephone is equipped with a location device for ascertaining the current geographical location of the cellular telephone. The ascertained geogr ...

Francois Sawyer, Eric Turcotte, Wayne Tom: Cellular telephone network having short message service interaction with other networks. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, August 31, 1999: US05946629 (275 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for facilitating inter-network message communications within the framework of a cellular telecommunications network. The message center of the cellular network includes functionality for processing received messages and forwarding the received messages between the cellular net ...

Christopher H Kingdon, Bagher R Zadeh, Maya Roel Ng, Stephen Hayes: System and method for authorization of location services. Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, October 24, 2000: US06138003 (268 worldwide citation)

A telecommunications system and method is disclosed which performs authorization checks prior to allowing a location service to position a mobile terminal within a cellular network. The various checks involve ensuring that the requesting agency has authorization to request positioning of mobile term ...

Gulamabbas Sumar, Bo Arne Valdemar strom, Bjorn Arne Svennesson, Robert Johannes Bernardus Schmersel: System and method for controlled media conversion in an intelligent network. Telefonaktiebolaget L M Ericsson, Jenkens & Gilchrist P C, November 17, 1998: US05838768 (262 worldwide citation)

A system and method for the conversion of messages from one medium to another in an Intelligent Network (IN) telecommunications system comprising several Intelligent Peripherals (IPs) connected to a Service Control Point (SCP) over a network. The various IPs are also linked to each other over a dist ...

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