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Aqueous copolymer latexes comprising colloidally dispersed, substantially spheroidal copolymer particles having a predominantly hydrophobic core portion and having a relatively hydrophilic polymeric portion which is preferentially oriented toward the outer surface thereof (e.g., a relatively hydroph ...

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Hydrogen sulfide gas evolution from water or hydrocarbons, especially during storage or transport of petroleum residua is suppressed by the incorporation of an effective amount of a diamine of the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2, R.sub.3, and R.sub.4 are independently an alky radical conta ...

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A new and useful particulate magnesium phosphate product (MGP) and method of use therefor are disclosed for removing ammonia from aqueous solutions, e.g., recirculating dialysate solutions and intragastrointestinal fluids as may result from the hydrolysis of urea. This particulate magnesium phosphat ...

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This invention relates to a process for forming composite yarns comprising an elastic filament and at least one relatively inelastic filament, which process comprises entangling a latent-contractable elastomer producing polymer filament with a relatively inelastic filament while the latent-contracta ...

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A clayish formation, such as encountered in rock surrounding an oil well bore, is stabilized with a quaternary ammonium salt of an imide of polymaleic anhydride. The invention is particularly relevant to hydraulic fracturing fluids used for enhanced oil recovery.


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A method for preparation of an aminomethylene phosphonate useful as a scale inhibitor in high brine environments. The method comprises phosphonomethylating an amine of the formula ##STR1## wherein x is an integer from 1 to 6 and the Z's are selected from the group consisting of hydrogen and --CH.sub ...

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The invention provides a liquid coating composition curable at ambient temperature comprising an acetoacetate groups-containing addition polymer having a number average molecular weight of 1000-100,000, a glass transition temperature of 250.degree.-370.degree. K., a hydroxyl number of 0-200 and a co ...

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The invention provides for a thixotropic coating composition comprising (1) a binder and (2) a sag control agent which is the reaction product of (a) an isocyanurate-trimer from a diisocyanate containing 3 to 20 carbon atoms and (b) an amine containing at least one primary amino group, the coating c ...

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A silver catalyst comprises a sinter resistant carrier covered with finely ivided particles of a metal, a metal alloy or a partially reduced metal oxide having silver deposited thereon such that the outer surface of the particles consists essentially of monometallic silver. The metals are selected f ...