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A device including a housing defining a first chamber and a port formed through the housing. A shuttle flange moveably positioned within the first chamber. The shuttle flange moves during a gas-release cycle between i) a closed position blocking the port, and ii) an open position exposing an exit ar ...

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A system for protecting the transmission of signals from and/or to a tool in a high pressure environment. The system includes a tool connected to a signal transmission line, such as an electrical cable or optical fiber. The signal transmission line is surrounded by a protective tube that is connecte ...

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A viscosity handling system for facilitating the movement of certain fluids. The system utilizes kinetic energy in the form of a rapidly and repetitively moving component that imparts energy in the form of heat to surrounding fluid. The system is particularly useful in applications, such as downhole ...

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Well surface equipment is provided to seal around the outer surface of portions of tool sections as the tool sections are assembled or disconnected in a portion of the well surface equipment. The portion of the well surface equipment is isolated from wellhead pressure to enhance well operator contro ...

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A technique includes arranging perforating charges of a perforating gun into groups of adjacent perforating charges. Each perforating charge of each group is aligned in a direction associated with the group. The groups are oriented to form a phasing for the perforating gun.

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A booster to relay a detonation train from a detonating cord to another booster includes an explosive and a shell. The shell has an open end to receive an end of the detonating cord and an indented closed end that is adapted to form a projectile to strike the other booster when the explosive detonat ...

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An assembly for formation and completion of deviated wellbores is disclosed which includes a toolguide and a casing section which can be used together or separately. The toolguide includes a lower orienting section and a whipstock having a sloping face, commonly known as the directional portion of a ...