Alan D Marston, Lenin Anne: Edge seal with polysilicon in LOCOS process. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, March 6, 1984: US04435446 (10 worldwide citation)

Intrinsic polysilicon is used to seal the sidewalls of the active areas formed in a silicon substrate in an integrated circuit with no additional masking required over a standard local oxidation (LOCOS) process. Since polysilicon and silicon are compatible materials, a "bird's beak" free structure i ...

Kent D Vincent: Infrared source element. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, February 12, 1985: US04499382 (9 worldwide citation)

A novel structure for a small, inexpensive, and easily replaced infrared source having near blackbody emission over a spectrum of 2-20 micron wavelengths is disclosed. The source element is self-starting and has a life expectancy in excess of 1000 hours at 1700 degrees K, which requires only 22 watt ...

Lawrence V Folding, Roy A Rosen: Mold for forming plastic Luer nuts. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, November 29, 1988: US04787596 (9 worldwide citation)

A mold for the formation of plastic Luer nuts having a polygonal internal cross-section. The mold includes both movable and fixed cavity sections, so that a non-round threaded core can be unscrewed from within the Luer nut.

John T Barr IV: Vector network analyzer with integral processor. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, Joseph H Smith, May 26, 1987: US04669051 (8 worldwide citation)

A precision vector network analyzer which is suitable for a wide range of applications including both laboratory and automated production measurements and testing is disclosed. New measurement capabilities, greater ease of use, and nearly complete automation are provided. Contributions include fully ...

Kenneth R Haven: Removable display screen bezel. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, February 25, 1986: US04572592 (8 worldwide citation)

An easily removable video display bezel for facilitating the easy and quick removal of the bezel from the display screen. The bezel, when attached, fits tightly around the display screen and serves to frame the image on the screen.

Frederick A Ware: Partial product accumulation in high performance multipliers. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, October 1, 1985: US04545028 (8 worldwide citation)

A new technique for the accumulation of partial product terms in a monolithic VLSI multiplier is disclosed. The method requires fewer than a 5% increase in transistors over older techniques yet provides more than three times the performance of the prior art when used to implement a 64.times.64 multi ...

Gerald L Ainsworth: Method for multiple signal collision detection on a transmission line. Hewlett Packard Company, Edward Y Wong, Jeffery B Fromm, June 28, 1983: US04390990 (7 worldwide citation)

By coincidentally injecting a predetermined level of direct current with the transmission of data on a transmission line, multiple signal transmissions on the line can be detected by the presence of a DC level greater than a predetermined level on the line. Once detected, tactics for avoiding multip ...

Clifford B Cordy Jr: Current spike protection circuit for switch-mode power supplies. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, Roland I Griffin, June 26, 1984: US04456950 (7 worldwide citation)

A circuit which prevents the flow of excess spikes of magnetization current in the primary windings of a transformer used in a switch mode power supply is disclosed. The circuit comprises an AC coupled, peak detecting, negative feedback path from a current sensing resistor in the primary windings of ...

Frederick A Ware: Multiple bit encoding technique for combinational multipliers. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, January 22, 1985: US04495593 (7 worldwide citation)

A four member encoding set is disclosed which allows the construction of combinational monolithic multipliers with a significant reduction in the number of devices required. The reduced device and wire count in the present technique allows a multiplier circuit of any given size to be made less expen ...

Young S You: Anti-wetting in fluid nozzles. Hewlett Packard Company, Jeffery B Fromm, April 22, 1986: US04583690 (7 worldwide citation)

A novel ionic surface preparation for nozzles used in spraying fluid droplets such as used in ink jet printers is disclosed. In conjunction with an oppositely charged ionic anti-wetting agent dissolved in the sprayed fluid, the new surface preparation reliably reduces the wetting of the nozzle surfa ...