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A method for local oxideation of a semiconductor using only conventional large scale integration (LSI) fabrication techniques is provided which results in an oxide layer without the formation of the so-called "bird's beak" structure and no process or structure induced defects. On a semiconductor sub ...

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A novel structure which reduces stress due to cavitation in a thermal ink jet head is disclosed. A jetting resistor is formed on a thin membrane and suspended in contact with an acoustic absorber such as silicon oil on its back surface. The pressure wave created by the collapsing bubble which occurs ...

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A keyboard switch assembly is disclosed which utilizes a new switch design for providing tactile feedback to the user while nevertheless permitting long switch life. The keyboard switch assembly provides adjustable touch control to the user via a mechanical adjustment means while requiring minimal k ...

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An apparatus is disclosed which can accurately measure time variant non-ideal device impedance without unwanted delays caused by internal filters. A novel scheme is used which reduces both noise and drift so that the measurement of time variant capacitance and conductance can be made with increased ...

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A voltage regulator circuit is disclosed which utilizes the stored charge on the intrinsic gate capacitance of a field effect transistor as the means to switch the power in a switch mode voltage regulator in conjunction with a constant volt-second regulator, where the stored charge is derived from t ...

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Method for efficiently and flexibly comparing a group of multi-bit binary fields with a multi-bit expected pattern to generate a set of final match results, one final match result for each binary field in the group. Sets of of bit-wise comparator results are generated, one set for each binary field, ...

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A high pressure meter pump system with improved accuracy is provided by subdividing a large meter pump capacity into metered subvolume charges which are incrementally delivered to a high pressure slave pump.

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A method and structure for producing a vertically built MOS structure which permits the out diffusion of dopant from a layer of chemically deposited (CVD) doped oxide into a layer of CVD laser recrystallized polysilicon is disclosed. This out diffusion is accomplished during a high temperature oxida ...

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A novel digitized measuring system is disclosed for the measurement of the DC parameters of a wide variety of electrical and electronic devices. A stimulus measuring unit (SMU) is disclosed which can alternatively act as a voltage source and current monitor or as a current source and voltage monitor ...

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An automated apparatus and method for in-circuit testing of a subscriber line interface circuit mounted on a telecommunications card. The automated apparatus is capable of testing the functioning of the subscriber line interface circuit: by applying analog voltage to the tip and ring pins and record ...