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A quadrature coil suitable for use with an open frame MRI system provides crossing pairs of arrays of parallel conductor elements, respectively. Compact configuration is provided through use of an isolating circuit for incorporating parasitic capacitances at the resonance frequency of the coil into ...

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An MRI system acquires NMR tracking data from a tracking coil imbedded in an ablation device which is guided by a physician using real time anatomic images produced from image data acquired by the MRI system. The same tracking coil is energized by an RF power source to deliver energy which ablates t ...

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Techniques, hardware, and software are provided for quantification of extensional features of structures of an imaged subject from image data representing a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image. In one embodiment, stenosis in a blood vessel may be quantified from volumetric image data of the b ...

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A method and system are provided for generating at least one three-dimensional image of an object volume. The three-dimensional image is generated by applying a selected three-dimensional (3D) visualization technique on the tomosynthesis data. The tomosynthesis data of the object volume is obtained ...

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A method for increasing the dynamic light intensity range of an image by combining pixel data from multiple images collected at different levels of illumination intensity to create a single floating-point image representation of an observed scene.

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A turbo decoder system utilizing a MAP decoding algorithm has a predetermined number of turbo decoder modules for decoding segments of a turbo code component code word in parallel, thereby expanding the block-length and data rate capability of the turbo decoder. Upon completion of any half iteration ...

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A low cost frequency shift keying communications system for communication between utility meters within a local area network and for communication with a central database. Transmitters coupled to the utility meters transmit utility meter data measurements over power lines to at least one power line ...

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A 3D MR image is acquired before injection of a contrast agent and an enhanced 3D image is acquired after injection of the contrast agent. The two images are registered and then subtracted to remove background and to highlight lesion voxels. Lesion objects are identified by connecting contiguous les ...

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An imaging system for performing tomosynthesis on a region of an object comprises an x-ray source, motion controller, an x-ray detector and a processing unit. The x-ray source is positioned at a predetermined distance from the object and continuously moves along a path relative to the object at a pl ...

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An invasive probe for determining the morphological characteristics of walls of a lumen employs a real-time tracking means and an optical spectral measurement means. As the probe is advanced within the lumen, the real-time tracking means provides three-dimensional coordinates of the probe's position ...