Claude Andrew Sharpe: Automatic vehicle identification system capable of vehicle lane discrimination. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Rebecca A Mapstone, Richard A Donaldson, Jay M Cantor, October 7, 1997: US05675342 (108 worldwide citation)

A method of identifying an object and determining in which of at least two areas the object is located is disclosed. The method includes the steps of: focusing a first directional antenna (18) on a first area (28a), focusing a second directional antenna on a second area (28b), transmitting a first f ...

Julius E Stempfle, Roger D Partipilo: Portable infusion device. Jay M Cantor, April 14, 1987: US04657486 (91 worldwide citation)

A portable infusion device for injecting medicinal fluids into a human or animal body by means of a positive pressure pump that is automatically operated at selected time intervals to inject accurate amounts of fluid medicine into the body.

Helmut Fink, Trevor C Jones, Colin Hinson: System and method for processing teletext information included with video signal utilizing buffered individual teletext information pages. Texas Instruments Deutschland, William E Hiller, Richard Donaldson, Jay M Cantor, August 17, 1993: US05237411 (91 worldwide citation)

System for processing teletext information which makes it possible practically without any delay to reproduce the information pages transmitted by television transmitters on the screen of a television set, the updated state of the reproduced pages being ensured. The system includes a buffer (46) for ...

Raymond E Wiech Jr: Manufacture of parts from particulate material. Parmatech Corporation, Jay M Cantor, April 8, 1980: US04197118 (60 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to a method of binder removal from a green body before sintering or the like wherein the green body is initially heated to a temperature above the flow point of the binder to liquify the binder and, at this elevated temperature, surrounded by a solvent for said binder in the v ...

Raymond E Wiech Jr: Method of fabricating complex micro-circuit boards and substrates. Jay M Cantor, February 22, 1983: US04374457 (60 worldwide citation)

A substrate and method of manufacture wherein a substrate is molded from particulate material wherein grooves on and through the body are formed during substrate molding and prior to sintering. The substrate includes all buss structure molded therein. Cooling of chips is provided by providing a heat ...

Alan C Seabaugh: Integration of lateral and vertical quantum well transistors in the same epitaxial stack. Texas Instruments Incorporated, Richard A Stoltz, Richard L Donaldson, Jay M Cantor, January 12, 1993: US05179037 (59 worldwide citation)

An epitaxial stack (10) is provided that allows integration of both vertical and horizontal quantum effect devices. Epitaxial stack (10) allows fabrication of both quantum well resonant tunneling transistors (27) and Stark-effect transistors (34), thus allowing for circuit integration of different q ...

Kenneth W Ellett, Peter Glutz: Protection of semiconductor wire bonding capillary from spark erosion. Small Precision Tools, Jay M Cantor, April 23, 1985: US04513190 (58 worldwide citation)

A wire bonding capillary of a hard, normally electrically non-conductive material wherein surfaces of the capillary are coated with a thin electrically conductive material for protecting the capillary bonding face from spark erosion damage and reduction in carbon-like material build-up inside the in ...

Roger L Barron, Anthony N Mucciardi, Claire L Brown: System for nondestructive evaluation of material flaw characteristics. Adaptronics, Jay M Cantor, July 15, 1980: US04213183 (56 worldwide citation)

The disclosure relates to a system for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of material flaw characteristics. The NDE system, after being trained on previously-acquired experimental data, is given an assigned NDE task by the inspector and/or remote observer. This task is requested via a small keyboard on ...

James M Adee: Buried element deicer. Rohr, Patrick J Schlesinger, Frank D Gilliam, Jay M Cantor, May 10, 1988: US04743740 (53 worldwide citation)

A perforated flat ribbon heating element embedded or sandwiched between the porous material and perforated sheet of honeycomb acoustic panel material used for sound suppression and deicing on ice buildup areas of an aircraft engine.

Anthony N Mucciardi, Ramesh Shankar: System for measurement of subsurface fatigue crack size. Adaptronics, Jay M Cantor, October 11, 1977: US04052889 (47 worldwide citation)

A system for detecting and measuring subsurface fatigue cracks wherein acoustic pulse-echo data from the crack under test are manipulated to extract all acoustic characteristics by means of a Fourier operation, deconvolution and inverse Fourier operation, providing a spectral and cepstral analysis o ...