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An automated drug dispensing system includes a cabinet adapted to store a variety of prepackaged pharmaceuticals in a plurality of bins for filling patient prescriptions. Each bin stores a particular variety of packaged multiple-dose pharmaceutical. Each variety of pharmaceutical is associated with ...

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The invention is directed to improved automatic dispenser apparatus for dispensing sheet material and the like without contact between a user and the dispenser. Proximity detection apparatus is provided to detect the presence of a user in a detection zone generated outside the dispenser. Control app ...

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Dispenser apparatus for dispensing flexible sheet material including material-recognition apparatus permitting the dispenser to recognize sheet material from an authorized source and to be enabled for operation with such material. The dispenser preferably includes standard mechanical components for ...

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Compositions for controlling wellbore fluid and gas invasion including methods for using the compositions. The compositions are initially flowable slurries preferably comprising about 70 to 30% by weight of magnesium oxychloride and about 70 to 30% by weight of water. The compositions undergo a rapi ...

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A housing for a light fixture comprising a body having a sidewall with a plurality of fin-engaging elements and at least one fin removably engaged with at least one of the fin-engaging elements, thereby providing great design adaptability at modest cost. Preferably, one fin differs from another fin ...

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A modular, linear-type lighting fixture may include an elongate housing having lengthwise ends, and a pair of endplates adapted for sealing attachment to either lengthwise end of the housing, each of the endplates having respective perimeter surfaces adapted for attachment to any one of a bridge ada ...

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A ratchetable open-ended wrench having a slidable retractable jaw member in a slot in one of its jaws and having a cover plate, preferably two cover plates, welded to the jaw in a manner such that the cover plate forms a load-bearing structural member within the jaw.

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A soft storage bin made from flexible material and having a bottom, two first sidewalls, two second sidewalls, and a top opening. A hard full-wall board is embedded in each of the two first sidewalls and at least one set of two hard half-wall boards is embedded in at least one of the second sidewall ...

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The motorcycle foot support assembly has a foot support member, a rotation arm, a monolithic motorcycle-mounting bracket, and a releaseable bracket-to-arm locking mechanism. The rotation arm is attached between the inner surface of the foot support and the motorcycle-mounting bracket. The monolithic ...

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The present invention relates to an arrangement for a leg prosthesis (10) provided with a foot (12), which is connected to the leg prosthesis via an articulated axle (11), whereby first means (13, 14, 16–18, 30–33, 38) are arranged to provide a limited rotation of the foot relative the leg prosthesi ...