Tim Strandell
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A new platform (sometimes referred to as a "caddy") for transporting a carpet cleaning machine includes a base for supporting the machine and a machine restraint mechanism for releasably coupling the machine and the platform to one another. The platform also has wheels (or an elongated roller-like w ...


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A visually-positioned electrical monitoring apparatus includes an electrical assembly comprising an elongate, flaccid dielectric body having at least one electrical contact, a passage and an open distal end. An endoscope extends through the passage and has its distal end substantially in registry wi ...

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An improved automated method for dispensing bulk medications with machine-readable code. The method includes dispensing oral solid and liquid unit-of-use medications in unit dosage amounts. The medications are dispensed with machine-readable information which is generated as the medication is dispen ...

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A medication dispensing apparatus of the present invention contains a plurality of different kinds of medication separately, dispenses the medicament to pack them into package belt, and discharges the package belt. The medication dispensing apparatus comprises a cutting device for cutting the packag ...

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A machine for treating a surface area within a boundary perimeter includes a self propelled chassis having a surface treating device mounted on it. A computing section is mounted on the chassis and a powered wheel (or each of plural powered wheels) has a motor module for receiving command signals fr ...

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An automated drug dispensing system includes a cabinet adapted to store a variety of prepackaged pharmaceuticals in a plurality of bins for filling patient prescriptions. Each bin stores a particular variety of packaged multiple-dose pharmaceutical. Each variety of pharmaceutical is associated with ...


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Systems and methods for the remote dispensing of packaged and non-packaged medical products using networked communications systems. A preferred embodiment of the invention utilizes a network to provide for the secure delivery of confidential patient information and the sending of dispense instructio ...

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A system is provided for automatically dispensing prescriptions according to a patient's order. The system includes at least one line of machines that can automatically fill a patient's prescription order with countable oral solid medication under the control of an appropriate control syst ...