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A combined formulation for IGF-I and growth hormone (GH) is useful for enhancing growth of a mammal. This formulation, which may be administered by infusion or injection to enhance growth, comprises IGF-I and GH, each in amounts of 0.1 to 100 mg/ml, in a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier at a pH o ...

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A mammal with congestive heart failure is treated by administering to the mammal an effective amount of growth hormone. Treatment results in increased left ventricular cystolic pressure, increased left ventricular maximum, increased cardiac output, and increased stroke volume index. Treatment also r ...

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Useful for visualizing biological materials in a solid phase, on a gel, or in a liquid phase is a solid salt of the meriquinone of benzidine or a substituted benzidine. An immobilized or dissolved complex of a polymeric anion and the meriquinone of benzidine or a substituted benzidine having control ...

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Acidic gases containing carbon dioxide are removed from a normally gaseous mixture by absorbing CO.sub.2 from the gaseous mixture with an aqueous solution comprising a basic alkali metal salt or hydroxide and an activator or promoter system for the salt or hydroxide which contains (i) at least one n ...

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A method is provided for generation of bone at a site of an animal where skeletal tissue is deficient comprising administering to the animal, locally at the bone site in the presence of a source of osteogenic cells, an effective amount of a composition comprising TGF-.beta. in a pharmaceutically acc ...

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A method is provided for increasing the fertilization potential of oocytes comprising culturing oocytes in vitro with an effective amount of inhibin, activin, or a combination of inhibin and activin. Preferably the oocytes being cultured are immature. After the culturing step, the oocytes can be fer ...

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DNA constructs are prepared which operably link human interferon genes, selective, eukaryotic marker genes, and promoter and expression control sequences for the expression of human interferon in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells or progeny thereof. The human recombinant interferon so produced conta ...

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A method is described for isolating an exogenous polypeptide in a non-native conformation from cells, such as an aqueous fermentation broth, in which it is prepared comprising contacting the polypeptide with a chaotropic agent and preferably a reducing agent and with phase-forming species to form mu ...

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Described herein is the secretion from yeast of heterologous protein via a preprotein in which the heterologous protein is fused to the signal peptide of a yeast protein. The preprotein is processed by the cells to produce and secrete mature heterologous protein.