Steven Jobs
Timothy Wasko, Steven P Jobs: Three state icons for operation. James W Peterson Esq, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, July 11, 2002: US20020089552-A1

A three state icon for a computer is disclosed. The icon prevents inadvertent starting of an operation on a computer. The icon has a first state which conceals a second state. Upon selection of the first state with a computer pointing device (i.e., mouse), the icon will change to the second state. U ...

William W Alston Jr, William G Bloom, William C Johnson: Torque transmitting catheter apparatus. Raychem Corporation, James W Peterson, January 17, 1984: US04425919 (247 worldwide citation)

A torque transmitting catheter apparatus including a longitudinally pre-oriented thin-walled tubular substrate surrounded by a thin-walled reinforcing means comprising a flat wire braid wound over the substrate and held in place by a thin-walled tubular superstrate surrounding the reinforcing means ...

Mary P Quin: Nickel/titanium/vanadium shape memory alloy. Raychem Corporation, Ira D Blecker, James W Peterson, Herbert G Burkard, March 19, 1985: US04505767 (146 worldwide citation)

Nickel/titanium alloys having a nickel:titanium atomic ratio between about 1:02 and 1:13 and a vanadium content between about 4.6 and 25.0 atomic percent show constant stress versus strain behavior due to stress-induced martensite in the range from about 0.degree. to 60.degree. C.

William G Bloom, Gary I Geschwind: Bi-Polar electrocautery needle. Raychem Corporation, Ira D Blecker, James W Peterson, Herbert G Burkard, November 20, 1984: US04483338 (124 worldwide citation)

A bi-polar electrocautery needle comprising an inner electrode, an outer electrode and recoverable insulating-locking member for insulating the electrodes from one another and locking them into relative position to one another. And the method of making the bi-polar electrocautery needle in accordanc ...

John D Harrison: Nickel/titanium/copper shape memory alloy. Raychem Corporation, Ira D Blecker, James W Peterson, January 21, 1986: US04565589 (92 worldwide citation)

Nickel/titanium alloys containing less than a stoichiometric quantity of titanium, which have a high austenitic yield strength and are capable of developing the property of shape memory at a temperature above 0.degree. C., may be stabilized by the addition of from 7.5 to 14 atomic percent copper. Th ...

Paul M Cook, Richard F Otte, James L Claypool, Lawrence J White, Harry C Broyles, Peter L Brooks: Apparatus for internal pipe protection. Raychem Corporation, James W Peterson, October 26, 1982: US04355664 (88 worldwide citation)

A method and device for providing a protective coating for the inside of pipes, said method utilizing a device which is remotely actuated from outside said pipes. Specifically, the device comprises a memory metal delivery member, a corrosion resistant liner member, and a bonding member, said device ...

Robert K Morgan, John R Yaeger: Self-regulated actuator. Raychem Corporation, James W Peterson, Ira D Blecker, Herbert G Burkard, June 18, 1985: US04524343 (88 worldwide citation)

A self-regulated actuator is disclosed having a shape-memory element which is heated preferably by passing electrical current therethrough and having a reset mechanism including a circuit-breaking mechanism. The shape-memory element provides the force to retract the actuator when heated. The reset m ...

Roberto Dones, David G Street: Sealable recoverable articles. Raychem Pontoise, James W Peterson, March 12, 1985: US04504699 (59 worldwide citation)

The device for enclosing at least part of an elongation object, preferably a connection between electrical conductors, comprising a hollow dimensionally recoverable article having an aperture that communicates between the interior and the exterior of the article, and a quantity of material which sea ...

William Gilbert Holt: Container-lid interlock. Hercules Incorporated, James W Peterson, August 31, 1976: US03977563 (54 worldwide citation)

The invention is a plastic container and resealable plastic lid interlock which provide centering and positive sealing of the lid with respect to the container as well as sufficient structural support to allow the container and lid to be processed on existing filling, labeling, and packaging equipme ...

Edwin B Stadler, Lajos J Vidakovits: Mass termination device and connection assembly. Raychem Corporation, Ira David Blecker, James W Peterson, October 7, 1986: US04615578 (41 worldwide citation)

A mass termination device for terminating a plurality of shielded cables to a connector, the device insuring continuity of the electromagnetic shielding into the connector. The device utilizes a pair of complementary busbar-type grounding members, each having a connector shell contact portion and ha ...